Roofing Changes to the Kuppersmith Project House Breezeway

When you’re working on a renovation job as big as the Kuppersmith Project house, you’re bound to have a few construction glitches along the way.

While the breezeway roof connecting the garage to the house looked fine on paper, I realized that the pitch of the roof was too low to look right from the street after it was up. The solution was to tear out the new rafters and decking, move the window next to the roof over, and frame the breezeway roof again at a steeper pitch.

While fixing it required a good bit of time and trouble, the finished roof has a lot more curb appeal from the street. Watch this video to find out more.


  1. We have a low pitch roof that has wood ceilings throughout our home. We recently had the complete roof replaced. It is still leaking in the winter as the snow melts. What should we do to prevent this? Thanks

    • Hi, Debby,

      Danny says, “I would suggest you have the roofing company inspect the roof carefully to see where the melting snow is forcing its way into your home.

      Good luck!”


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