Preventing Cracks in Concrete and Plans for Kuppersmith Garage

No, I’m not watering this slab hoping it will grow larger, I’m actually trying to keep it from cracking. Spreading hay over a freshly poured slab and keeping it wet will slow the drying process which reduces the chance of cracks.

We also put some scored joints in the middle of the slab that run the length and width of the building. They will not only be decorative but help control any surface cracking.

The garage we’re building for The Kuppersmith Project is going to be awesome because we’re partnering with Gladiator GarageWorks. If you know anything about Gladiator GarageWorks, you know they can turn a mundane garage into an incredible space that’s basically an extension of the inside of your house.

Our garage will have two garage doors on the front with stairs on the back wall inside. Under the stairs will be a nice area for automobile maintenance with an air compressor and a shelf for transmission fluid and the like.

Next to the door that leads to the backyard, there will be a cool workshop featuring many of the items that Gladiator GarageWorks offers. I can’t wait to put this together and share it with you.


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