Laying a Paver Border on the Kuppersmith Project Driveway

After the concrete for the driveway on the Kuppersmith Project house had been poured and allowed to set, pavers were laid as accents and as a border around the outside.

The pavers were set in a polymer sand mix, which hardens when misted with water, to hold them firmly in place. This is better than setting the pavers in mortar, which can crack over time.

When laying the accent and border pavers for the drive, a 2×4 block was attached to a maul to act as a hand tamp that was narrow enough to fit in the space between the concrete slabs. To make sure the pavers would be flush with the top of the concrete slab, a scrap of 2×4 lumber was notched to the thickness of the pavers, then worked back and forth in the groove.

Watch this video to find out more.

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