Landscaping the Kuppersmith Project Yard

Before landscaping the Kuppersmith Project yard, the lot was graded so rainwater would drain away from the house. Next, composted pine bark and manure were tilled into the ground to enrich the soil around the house for planting.

When the soil was ready, hundreds of holes were dug, and plants were set in place following our landscaping plan. Plants include azalea, camellia, boxwood, juniper, sweet olive, maple, river birch, yew, gardenia, holly, hydrangea, pistachio, and cherry. To find out more, see our plant list of everything that was planted in the yard.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: So Kevin you’ve got the easy job here. You just put a little spot of paint on the ground, and bushes magically appear.

Kevin Evans: They appear.

Danny Lipford: Not a bad job.

Kevin Evans: Yes, yes that’s right.

Danny Lipford: So how’s everything going?

Kevin Evans: Fantastic.

Danny Lipford: It seems like trees are going up, you got plants coming in by the hundreds and everything. Take us through the process a little bit. You guys did a lot of work in grading everything, making sure the water wouldn’t move away from the house.

Kevin Evans: Correct.

Danny Lipford: And then you brought in a lot of this stuff. What is it?

Kevin Evans: This is composted pine bark. Composted pine bark, and we till it in along with some manure Agromax and that fertilizes the ground and gives you some natural stuff into the ground.

Danny Lipford: What about the trees here? This is what obviously a holly tree?

Kevin Evans: It’s a Savannah holly. It’s the tree form Savannah holly. They were probably dug three weeks ago or so.

Danny Lipford: Oh, I see. OK.

Kevin Evans: And that’s why, you know, it’s getting close to spring, and a lot of these plants are deciduous, and you don’t want to dig them in the spring and summer.

Danny Lipford: Right.

Kevin Evans: You’ll kill them.

Danny Lipford: I got you.

Kevin Evans: And so it was a perfect time. We were able to get them before they started flushing, and we were able to dig them, hold them, then bring them to the site.

Danny Lipford: OK. Now what about the impact of this planting and everything? Will it lose all of the leaves, or will it stay looking like this forever?

Kevin Evans: It will stay looking like that. It’s an evergreen.

Danny Lipford: OK. Now what about the plant over there? If you didn’t know better you’d think it was dead as can be, but what is the tree over there?

Kevin Evans: It’s a deciduous tree which means it loses its leaves during the winter, and it’s a Chinese pistachio. So it should be flushing out in the next couple weeks.

Danny Lipford: Oh, really? That’s perfect because the magazine guys will be here from Better Homes & Gardens. They’ve got to get that nice exterior shot.

Kevin Evans: It’ll be ready.

Danny Lipford: Oh, that’s perfect.


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