Kuppersmith Home Renovation Project 10: Garage and Lattice

There are lots of details that have to be addressed when tackling a major renovation like the Kuppersmith Project house. Here’s how we tackled everything from latticework to lawn irrigation.

Projects featured in this episode include:

Range Hood: Installed a contemporary range hood from Broan over the kitchen stove.

Lattice: Built custom cypress latticework to act as a privacy barrier on the breezeway leading from the house to the garage.

Irrigation System: Installed an irrigation system in the yard to water the lawn and shrubs.

Wing Wall: Built the form and poured a concrete cap for a wing wall to match the existing ones on the house.

Foundation Door: Installed and painted a steel foundation door to allow access under the house.

Garage Storage: Added hanging cabinets and other storage from Gladiator GarageWorks.

Landscape Lighting: Plans for installing the landscape lighting were discussed.

Man installs a range hood in Mobile, Alabama
A contemporary range hood complements a glass backsplash in the kitchen.

Stove Vent Hood

In the kitchen, a glass tile backsplash was applied to the wall behind the stove. Once the tile was in place, the contemporary-styled Broan range hood was installed over the stove.

After the heart pine floors had been stained, several coats of sealer were applied to protect the surface and give the floors a beautiful finished look.

Man installs wood lattice on a breezeway in Alabama
Lattice panels, arranged horizontally and vertically, provide privacy on the breezeway from the house to the garage.

Breezeway Lattice

To allow the homeowners privacy on the breezeway leading from the house to the garage, wood latticework was installed on the side facing the street. Rather than using prefabricated lattice panels, we custom-made our own latticework from strips of cypress lumber.

While making custom lattice was more labor-intensive, it eliminated the seams in prefab panels, and allowed the lattice door to blend perfectly with the latticework around it.

The horizontal strips of lattice went up first, with a scrap of lattice used as a spacer between each strip. Vertical strips were then nailed to the horizontal lattice, to tie everything together.

Man installs irrigation system in ground at a Mobile, Alabama home
Installing an in-ground irrigation system will make sprinkler operation simple and convenient.

Lawn Irrigation System

A gas-powered trencher was used to dig the trenches for the irrigation system in the yard. Plastic PVC pipe was used for the water lines in the irrigation system, with each sprinkler head attached to the supply line by a flexible pipe.

The water lines for each irrigation zone in the yard were attached to a central manifold. The valve for each zone is controlled by a low voltage electrical signal from a control panel mounted on the house.

Before digging in your yard, always call the utility company to check for any buried pipes or lines in your yard.

Man installs a brick wing wall on a historic home
Building a brick wing wall on the addition helps in blend in with the existing house.

Brick Wing Wall

To blend the 1926 house in with the master bedroom addition, a brick wing wall was built that matched one on the existing house.

A cast stone accent cap for the wall was constructed using a form that was filled with concrete. The cap was then secured to the wing wall with construction adhesive.

Man installs crawlspace door
A crawlspace door provides easy access to collection containers for the kitchen’s recycling chutes.

Crawlspace Access Door

To provide access to the crawlspace under the house, a steel frame with a hinged door was made to size, then screwed to the opening in the foundation wall.

To protect the steel from rust, the door and frame were primed using Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Primer, followed by several coats of Universal All-Surface Paint to matched the trim and cast iron foundation vents.

The crawlspace door also provides access to collection containers for the recycling chutes which were built into the kitchen cabinets using PVC drain pipe.

Man installs garage shelving units
This garage will have plenty of storage, and these units’ double-channel tracks make installation a breeze.

Garage Storage

To take advantage of the storage space in the two-car garage, a GearTrack wall mounting system from Gladiator GarageWorks was installed.

The double-channel tracks are mounted on the wall to allow easy installation and adjustment of hanging cabinets and specialized storage components.

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