Keeping the Audio System Simple at the Kuppersmith Project House

One of the things I’m trying to do with the Kuppersmith Project house is to make the home simple and practical. That’s especially true with the audio system we’re installing in the house.

Speaker wires have been run in the ceiling of the various rooms for recessed speakers, with additional wires going to wall-mounted volume controls in each room, so there’s no need for wireless devices. We have about six different sets of speakers scattered throughout the house, with the wires routed to a central location in a closet where the audio components and iPod docking station will be located.

That way the homeowner will be able to operate the audio system from a central location, then control the volume in each room using the wall-mounted volume controls. We’re keeping it real simple, so there can be great music anywhere inside and outside the Kuppersmith home.


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