Installing Interior Door Hardware on the Kuppersmith Project House

After the interior doors on the Kuppersmith Project house had been painted and hung, we installed the interior door locksets from Schlage with a brushed nickel finish.

Installing locksets is simpler today than it used to be, due to easy alignment and assembly of the various parts. Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: From the shingles to the flooring, between doors and windows, from electrical to plumbing, and inside or out; what you put into making your house a home takes a lot of time and patience, so make sure you choose something that will stand up for years to come. Here’s a great example from Schlage.

The painters have lots of touch up and clean up work ahead of them. Not the least of which is rehanging those doors they removed to spray out in the garage. And as soon as the doors go in, Mark’s crew are right on their heels installing the new door hardware.

The guys have completed almost all of the installation of the hardware and doorknobs and so forth, and boy what a finished look you get when you finally get to put the doorknobs on. You know, a lot of times when people are selecting doorknobs, all their looking for is just the right finish. Of course this one from Schlage has the right brushed nickel that we were looking for, but what really makes this so easy to install these days is how they have everything lined up just right.

Now this is a privacy type lock because this is the master bedroom suite, but this is amazing how quick and easy you’re able to install these locks these days. I remember putting these things on and just laboring away at trying to line up these long screws. And right now the way it is, there’s no way to mess this up at all. You get it started, get your screwdriver, and there’s only one place for that screw to go.

It works out great, looks great and I’m glad to help them put a few of the finishing touches here on the Kuppersmith Project.


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