Installing a Paver Patio at the Kuppersmith Project House

To create the perfect space for outdoor entertaining at the Kuppersmith Project house, a paver patio was installed in the area between the back porch and garage.

The process began by excavating the existing ground and grading the area. Then a layer of filter fabric was put down, followed by crushed stone, sand, and finally the pavers themselves.

Here’s how to install a paver patio:

  1. Layout the area for the paver patio.
  2. Excavate 7” to 8” of dirt to allow for the base, sand, and pavers.
  3. Grade the area smooth, and make sure the patio will drain properly.
  4. Put down a layer of filter fabric to hold the base material in place.
  5. Install 4” of crushed stone material to provide a firm base.
  6. Compact the base material using a plate compactor.
  7. Put down 1” of sand over the base material.
  8. Screed the sand off smooth, using long pieces of metal pipe as guides.
  9. Compact the sand with a plate compactor.
  10. Pop chalk lines in the sand to guide laying the pavers.
  11. Lay the pavers on the sand in the desired pattern.
  12. Pop chalk lines around the outside of the patio to mark the edges.
  13. Use a concrete saw to trim the pavers around the outer edges of the patio.
  14. Lay a border of pavers around the outside of the patio.
  15. Add concrete outside of border to hold the border pavers in place.
  16. Blow all dirt and debris off the patio.
  17. Pour polymer sand on top of the pavers.
  18. Sweep the sand into cracks in the pavers.
  19. Use a plate compactor to vibrate the sand into the cracks.
  20. Mist the patio with water to activate the polymer sand and cause it to harden.

Watch this video to find out more.

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