Fiberglass Garage Doors for the Kuppersmith Project House

Like everything else on the Kuppersmith Project house, the garage doors had to enhance the beauty of the home while blending with the exterior décor. Our insulated fiberglass garage doors from Wayne-Dalton have the look of real mahogany, and the glass panes at the top let much needed light into the garage.

Watch this video to find out more.


The Kuppersmith Project is the renovation of an 85-year-old, classic American Tudor home. It may have been a grand old home back in the day, but time has taken its toll, and it’s in need of some major TLC. Besides restoring the original structure, I’m also adding another 1,500 square feet of living space.

And, while I want to keep its unique character, I also want to create a home with the kind of energy efficiency and functionality everyone has come to expect in the 21st century. That means taking my 30-plus years experience as a remodeler, and combining it with some innovative products.

The old garage was nothing short of a ramshackle lean-to that had to come down. Our new garage would be tied into the home with a breezeway and sheathed to match the brick. To keep the charm of the Kuppersmith home, we knew the garage doors had to make a bold statement.

We chose this particular model from Wayne-Dalton. They’re made from fiberglass, but have the rich look and feel of Honduras mahogany, which really complements the other colors on the exterior. We included a panel of windows on the doors to allow more natural light into the garage.

And choosing fiberglass doors would also mean less maintenance for the homeowners. And the foamed in place polyurethane insulation of the door, would not only give it an R-value of 7.6 but would also help diminish any street noise. And for true modern convenience, we had the ultra quiet Genie garage door openers installed.



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