To replace the deteriorating front door on the Kuppersmith Project house, we had a matching door custom-made from cypress, so it will last for many years to come. To give the door a historic look, wrought iron strap hinges will be installed.

Another feature of our entry door is the Schlage LiNK system we installed, with a combination deadbolt lock that connects wirelessly to the Internet. This gives you the ability to lock and unlock the door remotely using a smartphone or computer.

The Schlage LiNK system also allows you to change the combination on the lock, adjust the thermostat in the house, turn lights on and off, and even monitor the house using webcams. All these features can be accessed from a smartphone or computer.

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Danny Lipford: The Kuppersmith Project is the renovation of an 85-year-old, classic, American Tudor home. While I want to keep its unique character, I also want to create a home with the kind of energy efficiency and functionality everyone has come to expect in the 21st century. Here’s a great example from Schlage.

The cypress front door we had custom made for the project turned out beautifully, even if it’s somewhat less high-tech. But, as soon as Mark finishes installing the locking hardware, we’ll have yet another cool remote control feature for this home, built right into the lock set for the main entry to this house.

You know, I’ve had to make about a thousand decisions to get to this point in the project, and now I’m faced with yet another one. You know, I love the new front door that we made. You know, it’s fairly simple. We added the little window here that’s a little bit different than the original door.

But, now several people have mentioned we need a little something extra, and this is kind of a logical choice. These little ornamental straps that you see so often on Tudor homes, and of course, the decision is, does the door need them, does it need one, does it need two, does it need three? I’ve got a little bit of looking around to do before I make that decision.

But, one decision I made that I’m glad I did, is to put on the front door here, a Schlage LiNK system. Now, this is a combination lock, so that’s real convenient, very popular, so that you don’t have to have a key to get in the house. But this one’s a whole lot more.

It remotely links to your wireless Internet system; allowing you to monitor your locks, and who goes in and out of your house. And, being able to unlock and lock it remotely from any computer or smartphone that you may have; now that’s pretty neat.

Also, it enables you to monitor your heating and cooling inside your house. Also, your lamps, you can hook to a lamp module to turn lights on and off, as well as webcams. So, a great comfort level for whoever ends up buying this house.

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