Digital Laser Countertop Template for the Kuppersmith Project House

After the Merillat cabinets had been installed in the kitchen of the Kuppersmith Project house, a template was created to use in fabricating the DeNova countertops.

Rather than constructing a template from wood, plywood, or cardboard; a special laser measuring device was used to record the dimensions needed for each of the countertops, as well as the size and locations of sinks and cooktops. This information was then feed into a laptop computer on the job site.

A digital template was created by the computer and e-mailed to the fabrication shop. The template was then used to cut and shape each of the countertops for the kitchen to the exact size needed. Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. Some good professional advice – DO NOT USE LASERS. Laser templating systems are very slow and less accurate.

    Why? Because lasers require a lot of time to setup multiple targets; they need leveling and aiming the laser gets tedious; and they cannot quickly measure (or scan) for “sink cutouts.” Also a laser beam can have accuracy problems caused by reflections from metal or shiny surfaces. These major problems from lasers translate into accuracy errors resulting in expensive material waste; profit loss from extra man hours measuring at a jobsite or redoing jobsite measurements and/or time wasted editing the CAD drawings later. Buyer beware – laser systems used for digital templating are very cumbersome, time consuming and less accurate compared with other countertop digital templating systems.


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