Different State, Different Style Homes

One of the great things about traveling around the country, is that I get a chance to see all kinds of different neighborhoods and homes. I’m in New Hampshire at the moment, where we’re filming for an upcoming episode of Today’s Homeowner.

Look at the elevation of this home, which has three stories and a basement. Across the street you can see the other houses in the neighborhood.

All of the large boulders and large rocks that are used for landscaping and retaining walls in this hilly area were dug out of the ground in the yards. The area has a whole different topography than I’m used to on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

I noticed that it’s raining here, but the neighbors next door still have their sprinklers going—not a wise use of the water at all. I think maybe I should go over and talk to them about it!


  1. You should travel to the western North Carolina area and take a look at the poplar bark sided homes! This rustic and unique style certainly is coming back to life, especially in the Rutherfordton area.

    Your article was very interesting! My friends and I love this web site. We all follow you on Facebook.


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