Decorating the Interior of the Kuppersmith Project House

Once everything on the Kuppersmith Project house was complete, designer Joe Boehm and his team from Better Homes & Gardens magazine arrived to work their magic on the interior décor of the house.

Everything from furniture and rugs to lamps and wall hangings were carefully chosen and arranged to prepare the home for the photo shoot, which will be featured in Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

Watch this video to see how the interior of the house was transformed from bare rooms to a designer’s dream.

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Danny Lipford: After months and months of renovations, the work on the Kuppersmith Project is finally complete. But it won’t be the family friendly retreat we’ve envisioned until it’s decorated, so the interior design team from Better Homes & Gardens and Renovation Style magazines has arrived to turn this newly renovated house into a home. But to do that, there is a mountain of accessories and furniture to go through.

Joe Boehm: This, I believe is all Meredith stuff; this stuff is from the universal Better Homes & Gardens showroom; and I’m not sure where that’s from.

Danny: So the team carefully makes their way through tons of lamps; and flowers.

Woman: You’re just saying things you know the words to, right? Hydrangea, azalea.

Joe: Well, I have to say it with a very thick Southern accent: azalea.

Woman: Azalea.

Joe: What lavender would be in here.

Danny: And drapes.

Joe: Ninety-five.

Mark: Ninety-five, much better.

Joe: Much better!

Woman: I feel like I’m on, you know, housewives of Mobile or something.

Danny: And rugs.

Joe: I don’t think this should be captured on film. Oh, wow! How good is that.

Danny: And hundreds of other details, as the Kuppersmith Project begins to take shape.

Joe: This, quite possibly, is in the master bedroom; then that goes in the family room, I think over the couch. You can open the ottoman that goes in there.

Danny: You wouldn’t expect this much action to happen without a couple of glitches.

Joe: OK, but I did found out we’re not getting, unless we can send someone out there ourselves; but the furniture truck is tied up until Friday morning. So, we were supposed to get furniture this afternoon at two, and now we won’t get it until Friday.

Danny: But at the end of the day; if Joe is happy, I know I will be too.

Joe: I feel more comfortable.

Woman: You feel better? That’s what it’s all about, all about Joe feeling good.

Danny: Now that Joe is feeling good, we can start moving in some of the furniture he and the BHG crew have picked out. Everyone is working hard to get everything moved in as quickly and as carefully as possible. And, since this is the part of the job that’s a little hard for me, it’s great to see Joe taking charge.

Joe: Let’s go this way just a little bit, like two inches; there you go. It goes in between the green chairs. One goes at that desk; and then, two of them come in the dining room.

Danny: As the decorators finish up, the photographers finally move in to capture the images you’ll see in Better Homes & Gardens and Renovation Style magazines.


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