The Today’s Homeowner Story | Chapter 1: An Invitation From Danny

In Chapter 1 of “The Today’s Homeowner Story,” Danny Lipford reflects on this remarkable milestone for Today’s Homeowner, now in its 20th year on national television. He shares a glimpse of what you can expect to see in this special video series, from the company’s humble beginnings to the present day, and what’s in store for the exciting 20th season of the show.

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  1. Dear Danny & Co,
    Congratulations on your 20 yrs & thank you for all your hard work, making our lives much easier in so many ways.
    Heres to many more!

  2. I am a widow and love your instructions of how to fix things. I am almost 70 with limited income so I try to fix stuff around my home. I really need new bathroom faucets but I don’t think I can do what needs to be done. Thanks again

  3. Just watched the show this morning and as usual you had some very useful information we can use. Congratulations to you and your crew on 20 yrs of helping DIYers. We have learned when we can tackle it ourselves and when to call in the experts! I have watched you for a very long time and I was surprised it had been 20 yrs. Here’s to 20 more! Thank you for every thing you do. God Bless you.

  4. Hi, want to cut a hole in the kitchen wall to make a pantry into a closet on the other side of the wall and then dry wall that up. The other thing I would like to do is move the closet in my bedroom to the other side of the room and make a bench in between the window. Put laminate floors down, put a ladder in the attic. I have a list like a roll of toilet paper. LOL. I will search your site for videos. Record your school. Love your show. You make it look easy. Thanks


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