After more than six months of hard work, our extensive renovation of a 1926, Tutor style home, known as the Kuppersmith Project for the former owners, is finally complete.

Take a before and after tour of the home to see all the changes we made including:

  • Adding a family room, master bedroom, bath, laundry room, and walk-in closets.
  • Expanding the size of the kitchen, with all new cabinets and countertops.
  • Adding foam insulation and a HVAC system.
  • Replacing the old wiring and plumbing.
  • Furniture and interior décor from the design team at Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  • Decorating the Interior of the Kuppersmith Project House (video)


Danny Lipford: Back in 1926, this house was the newest and best in the neighborhood. For over 50 years, it was the home to the Kuppersmith family, so we named this project after them.

While this place was oozing with character, it was sorely lacking many of the things that a family in this century looks for in a home. So, our renovation plan for the house had to add comfort, energy efficiency, and a few modern amenities.

Our architect, Pete Vallas, hatched a plan that would allow us to add some space on the ground floor for a larger family style kitchen, and a more private master bedroom suite. Then, the old cracked plaster walls were opened up so that we could add safer, more modern plumbing and wiring; not to mention, heating and cooling for the comfort of the future residents. To make that comfort affordable, we sealed the walls and ceilings with ultra efficient foam insulation.

The old wood windows were also inefficient and in need of repair; so, we replaced all of them with new, matching insulated units. The new windows have a vinyl cladding on the outside, so they won’t require constant maintenance like the old ones. That low maintenance characteristic was a priority, so all of the materials we chose for the outside had to look good, and last.

It’s been over 200 days since we started the renovation of the Kuppersmith home, and today it’s 100% complete. Now it’s time to make it really feel like a home by putting in tons of furniture and some awesome accessories. But before we do that, I thought you’d have some fun seeing a little before and after, to show you just how far we’ve come.

Behind the peeling paint on the old front door, there was, well, more peeling paint in a space with wonderful natural night, and a unique fireplace mantle. Well, behind the new custom cypress door, there’s still plenty of natural light, but now it illuminates crisp, clean walls and cabinetry.

The antique heart pine floors can finally grab your attention now that they have been refinished to a warm glow. And that fireplace mantle, well, it’s still an eye catcher; but now it’s not the only bright spot in the room.

The old dining room was just the right size, so very little needed to change here; just the addition of two built in corner cabinets and more direct access to the kitchen.

The staircase in the home was one of my favorite features, but it felt just a little tight. Rather than actually expanding the staircase, we opened up the space around it and rehabbed the balusters, rails, and treads – just perfect.

The old kitchen was lacking the space families want today, and wasn’t exactly a feast for the eyes either. With our addition, space is certainly no problem now. And the design teams from Merillat and Better Homes & Gardens have combined colors, cabinetry, and counters to form a beautiful kitchen that will certainly be the heart of this home.

Next to the kitchen, where the old sunroom was, the new family room will also be a popular spot with its wide open space and loads of light. The laundry, next to the family room, may not be as popular, but it certainly is functional.

Going back to the master suite, our new powder room is an enormous improvement over the tiny, almost half bath that used to live under the stairs. The master bedroom itself has a wonderful feel with a custom ceiling and acres of natural light.

Off the small hallway to the bath are two great walk-in closets. His, a good size on its own; but hers, well, a fellow could get lost in there. And, the master bath is the retreat people always tell me they want, with loads of natural light, a great spa-like shower, and a wonderful tub for relaxing.

But all of these great looking spaces still look a little bare, so Joe Boehm and his team from Better Homes & Gardens are arriving right now to dress this place out, before it’s photographed and we show it off to the public.

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Danny Lipford


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