Advantages of Retractable Screens on the Kuppersmith Project House

We installed some cool features on the back porch on the Kuppersmith Project house to make it more useable as living space for the home. The cypress wood ceiling has screened Velux skylights that open at the push of a button to allow heat to escape. The skylights include sensors which automatically close the openings in case of rain.

Another impressive feature is the retractable motorized screens from Phantom Screens that can be rolled up and down by remote control. The special screening blocks 90% of the air, so the screens not only keep out insects but extreme temperatures as well.

With the screens lowered, you can open the doors from the house to the porch so air conditioning or heat can to circulate on the porch. This will keep the porch within 10 degrees of the temperature inside the house, allowing the porch to be used more throughout the year. The remote control also can be used to open just the center screen when access to the backyard is needed.

You can find out more about Phantom Screens on our website. Watch this video to find out more.


  1. We have a home that is 3 years old and though we put a roof over our deck to make for an outdoor living space, we didn’t think about the mosquitos that would make it unpleasant to sit out there. The deck sits on the west side of the house so the sun late in the day is also an issue. The problem is that the railing is about 2ft. beyond the roof line on the west side and on the south side is an open deck. I may be interested in only closing of the covered portion, but if we didn’t take the screen to at least the edge of the soffit it would make for a very small sitting area. Thanks for your help!


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