Today’s Addition Nearing Completion

The outside of our master bedroom addition is now almost complete, and much progress has been made on the interior as well. If you were watching last week, you were treated to a behind the scenes look at Danny filming an upcoming episode of the show.

Eves and Gable

Eves and Gable

With the brickwork finished, vinyl soffit was installed under the eves, and the fascia and frieze boards were covered with formed aluminum. Crane vinyl siding that simulates the look of vertical cedar shakes was installed on the addition’s back gable.


Once the exterior had been completed, the yard around the addition was treated to a facelift from Martiniere Landscaping, Inc. New sod and shrubs were put in, along with a winding stone walkway and sculpted birdbath.

Interior Trim

Interior Trim

While work was progressing on the exterior, the inside of the addition was undergoing a transformation as well. The walls and ceiling were painted, and casings were installed on the doors and windows. After being shimmed up to allow for the thickness of the finished floor, the baseboards were nailed in place. Crown molding was also installed, along with the trim boards around the raised ceiling.

All of the woodwork was stained and finished to match the Merillat Classic® LaBelle cherry cabinets that will be installed in the breakfast bar area.

Uponor Radiant Floor Heating System

The Uponor radiant floor heating system uses hot water piped through flexible plastic tubing beneath the floor to provide gentle heat that warms the room from the bottom up. Before the radiant heating system could be installed, a treated plywood subfloor had to be glued and nailed to the concrete slab as a foundation.

The Uponor Quik Trak® floor system was then screwed to the foundation. It consists of specially machined strips of ½” plywood that are grooved at 6¾” intervals to receive the 5/16” ID plastic PEX tubing. The bottom of the strips is covered with aluminum to evenly distribute the heat. Return panels at each end of the room have semicircular grooves cut in them to allow the tubing to loop back and forth across the floor.

Uponor Quik Trak floor system

After the Quik Trak® had been installed, a bead of silicone caulking was applied to the bottom of the groove, and the plastic tubing pressed down into it. Each section of tubing consists of a single continuous piece to eliminate the need for any fittings under the floor. It has a 100-year life expectancy and is warranted for 25 years.

The tubing is then attached to a 2½ gallon electric hot water heater which circulates the water under the floor through a closed loop. While the Uponor radiant heating system costs more to install, operating costs can be from 20% to 40% less than those of traditional forced air heating systems.

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