Starving for Color

In Waiting for Spring, the flowering quince was just beginning to show its potential. Here at the beginning of March, it’s in full bloom in North Carolina, and it’s a wonderfully refreshing burst of pinkish red in an otherwise gray, brown, and evergreen landscape.

So far, it’s the only glimpse of color for miles around, and as is evident in my posts, my starving eyes and hands can’t resist taking photos and snipping tiny branches of this one on my daily walks.

For me, the early hints of spring carry a thrill that rivals any other in the garden calendar. Pretty soon, the landscape will be a riot of color and flowers, but for right now, these early blossoms stand out brightly against the dark backdrops and coudy skies.

It’s hard to take these delicate, brave little guys for granted when you’re starving for color – they’re like a drink of cool water on a hot summer’s day. The forsythia and daffodils are not far behind, and I can’t wait!


  1. Julie, Our Wilmington Garden Tour begins April 3, 2009 and runs through Sunday, April 5, 2009. Please come and enjoy our gardens. It’s been so cold this winter we don’t have any color as of yet other than the pansies and the forsythias. Hopefully we’ll have the azaleas and the dogwoods in bloom by then. Come. There are 12 gardens on tour throughout the weekend. We are garden # 4. It is sponsored by the Cape Fear Garden Club. Check out our website. It’s a beautiful sight in a beautiful city. Luv, Dianne


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