Sink and Faucet Make a Statement in the Kuppersmith Project Kitchen

When I chose the sink and faucet for The Kuppersmith Project kitchen renovation, I really wanted to make a statement. This is a big kitchen and a large island, so it needed a substantial sink and faucet.

The Moen sink I picked out is a deep double sink, with one side larger than the other, that’s mounted under the countertop. To go with it, I decided on a Lindley faucet, also from Moen.

This is one of the first eco-performance faucets Moen has produced. The default setting on the faucet uses very little water, but pushing the top button increases the flow of the water for faster filling. The bottom button on the faucet is used to change the spray pattern. The faucet has a built in, pullout sprayer to keep the sink clean and comes with a soap dispenser.

We added an air switch to operate the garbage disposal in the sink, which is safer than an electrical switch. Watch this video to find out more.


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