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People are always asking me how I come up with all the Simple Solutions for Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford. It’s a valid question, especially when you consider that we’ve taped well over 200 Simple Solution segments in the past nine years.

Most of the tool tips and home-remodeling hints come directly from my experiences working in the building trades, and as a serial DIYer. But I also get great Simple Solution ideas from Danny, director Scott Gardner, even television viewers and online visitors. (Got a Simple Solutions tip? Share it using our questions page at: and perhaps we’ll air it.)

My TV career reaches new heights!

People are also curious to know where we shoot the Simple Solutions, and that’s a bit trickier to explain because we shoot wherever it’s necessary to produce the best possible segments.

We often tape in the Today’s Homeowner workshop or at construction sites. But when we need to shoot in a bathroom, kitchen, attic, backyard, or anywhere else in or around a home, we typically end up at Danny’s house. In fact, during our last taping session we shot quite a few segments at Danny’s, even though Danny wasn’t home at the time, which was probably a good thing.

Here’s how one day went:

While we were taping a tip about hanging holiday lights, I found myself climbing one of the trees in Danny’s front yard. (I could only imagine what the neighbors were thinking.) You see, the sun was shining a bit too brightly so Brad, our cameraman, suggested hanging some white fabric in the tree to diffuse the sunlight.

So, I summoned my inner monkey (in my case, a local call), and next thing I know, I’m high in the tree clamping cloth to branches. Once I was safely back on terra firma, we resumed taping, and the segment ended up looking great.

Welcome to the glamorous world of TV!

Later that same day, we spent an hour or so in Danny’s master bathroom, shooting a tip on cleaning shower doors. For a majority of the time, I was just standing in the shower stall as Scott, Brad and Allen gathered props, set up lights and ran sound checks. It’s all part of producing a TV show, and since I have the easiest job of anyone on site, I never mind waiting around.

Although, it did eventually strike me as a bit strange. Here I was, freshly flown in from Connecticut, and then suddenly I’m standing—fully clothed—in a shower stall in Alabama, while a trio of talented technicians work to make me look and sound much better than I actually do.

So, after all these years, two things have become abundantly clear: 1) The Today’s Homeowner crew will do whatever’s necessary to produce quality programming, and 2) Danny—and his wife, Sharon—are incredibly accommodating.

I feel very fortunate to be part of the team. And I promise to do my best to stay out of their trees and shower stalls.

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Backed by his 40-year remodeling career, Danny served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s The Early Show and The Weather Channel for more than a decade. His extensive hands-on experience and understanding of the industry make him the go-to source for all things having to do with the home – from advice on simple repairs, to complete remodels, to helping homeowners prepare their homes for extreme weather and seasons.


  1. Hi Danny
    My fiancé has a 1950’s home with a capped well. The well the basement is block and seems to sit outside of the main structure of the house. It has block walls and ceiling. I won’t go on seems unstable to me. I want to be sure the structure of his house is sound. Where do we start?

  2. Hi Lynne, First, stay out of the well room until you’ve had it inspected by a building contractor or engineer. The local building inspector might even evaluate the structure free of charge. Chances are the room is fine, but you don’t want to take any chances.
    You said it had block walls and ceiling. Are you sure about that? I can’t imagine how you’d ever build a block ceiilng. In any case, have the well room checked out by a professional, then you’ll know for sure whether or not further action is needed. Thanks for writing and good luck!–Joe T.

  3. I missed the recipe that DAnny used to remove wallpaper.
    Please email the ingredients and the process to me.
    thank you! I watched the show for the first time today and I loved it!!!!!
    Barb Hallberg

  4. Hi Danny,
    My question is not about a house.But I still hope you can answer this.One of the handle of my car paint had peeled. Can I repaint this also after sanding it like you did on the refrigerator on your show today(6/22/2013)? And if I can what type of paint would you suggest I use?I would like to do this myself to save money. I love to hear your opinion.


  5. Hi Danny my home was built in 1920 bought it in 02 replaced windows is about it added insulation in crawl space. This is the first year ive had a bad problem with high humidity in my house have exhaust&ceiling fans running as well as window units keep blinds closed.Can you PLEASE HELP ME is so bad my kitchen floor feels like was just scrubbed all the time sometime humidity drops between 55&60% most of the times its 70 or more

  6. Hello,
    I was watching your show last week on outdoor column replacement, I would like to know where to buy the plate on the bottom of the wooden post? Please let me know.
    Thank You

  7. Problem: Pealing paint on ceiling of home built in 50’s and walls. The home has plaster, not drywall. And it is too expensive a project to replace this with drywall. What kind of paint can we get to use and is there any prep we need to use before repainting after we scrape the pealed paint off. The ceiling paint is so slick, it almost looks like glass. The walls had wallpaper which has been removed. However, when repainted with a latex paint, this too is pealing. We need help now. We really need to sell this income property, but want to do it up right. Might even decide to keep it and move in ourselves. We replaced the roof, soffit, kit cabinets, kit & bath floor coverings, water heater and kit counter tops. Can you help with some suggestions? Thank you in advance for any of your answers.

  8. We have a well instead of city hookup. The iron in the water is so bad we can’t even fill a pool for our grandkids. It just turns brown. We’re afraid to ask how much the solution to this problem will cost. Any info will be appreciated.

  9. Hello, I was watching your show and saw you where killing weeds with hot wast and salt? I missed the second part can you please reply with the second part please need ur help!!!

  10. Hi I’m living in NC. In my yard I have a lot of fire ants.I also got bitten a few times. How do I get ridden without chemical. I’m environment concern so that I like to use the natural remedy.

  11. What should I do with my garage that has wood paneling and the wood wall has water damage? I want to prevent this from happening again.

  12. i am building a deck using 5/4 PT lumber. Should I leave a small gap between deck boards? We get a lot of rain in South Ala & I know boards will shrink but my old deck I didn’t & water could not drain .
    Thanks, philip

  13. I have bad moisture problem inside my house. My house is built off the ground. Needs to be looked at and the problem fixed

  14. I m at my wits END! Afew years a go I allowed my wife and youngest son to plant just 1 Bamboo, plant from a school program, Well its been the worst thing I’ve ever agreed to allow. This stuff has taken over my life my lawn, my sanity!! HELP!!!!! It’s some kind of creeping or crawling Bamboo. That wears a shirt with a GIANT RED AND YELLOW S ON IT’S SHIRT. I’ve tried bleach and all kinds of automotive liquids and whats been recommended at the big box stores, All are doing not a thing! I’ve even dug it up to the point where I seen a massive main root, even after removing that it came back even worse. Do you recommend plastic explosive??

    • Hi, Ann,
      Thanks for your interest in our Backyard Paradise Contest!
      You will need to cast an official entry to be eligible for this contest. Please do so here to make sure you’re in the running:
      (An official entry includes clicking the above link, completing the form, and attaching photos of the space).
      Good luck!


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