Shutters Can Be More than Just Decoration

More than just decoration, shutters have been gracing the exterior of homes for centuries. Nowadays most folks install them to add curb appeal to their home, yet with Hurricane Season 2010 in full swing, having operable shutters may be just the ticket if you find you’re in the path of these strong and damaging storms.

There are several types of shutters to choose from if sprucing up your house tops the list. Styles like panel, louver, board and batten, or a combination of the two former ones are very common to see and can be purchased at any home center. Wooden shutters are very popular, yet vinyl ones have definitely staked their claim in the shutter market, too.

Installing shutters on a house.

If hurricane season has you thinking it might be worth the investment, then having operable shutters to protect your windows and the interior of your home is the way to go. Bahama, or colonial, shutters not only protect during intense storms, but they can also help shade your home from intense heat and temperatures. Plus, they are quite nice to look at and can add that added curb appeal some many of us desire.

Metal roll shutters are another example of hurricane type shutters. These can either roll down from the top of the window or slide from one side to the other to protect the window and your home. Granted, they may not be the most attractive, but if your town or community location is on the coast or just inland, these types of shutters far outweigh their looks with security and protection.

Installing shutters is a great DIY project and require basic tools and construction know-how. Just remember some safety rules when installation calls for a ladder:

    • Never place the ladder where it may cause you to overextend your reach while working.
    • Make sure the ladder is stable and sturdy before climbing it.
    • Have someone assist you by supporting the shutter (working from inside the house through the open window) while you attach the shutters to the house.
  • If you are working from the open window yourself, be sure not to overextend your reach.

For more information on hurricane shutters and preparing for a storm, check out our Hurricane Help page.


  1. We have vinyl shutters that were on when we purchased our home. I want to remove them and paint them. How do I remove them I don’t see any screws. Thank you, Mary

    • Hi Mary,
      Vinyl shutters can be put on with ridged plastic pins tapped into holes drilled in the brick or siding, or with screws covered with plastic caps. In the case of the ridged pins, if they don’t pull out with pliers, you will have to break or cut them off to take off the shutters. For plastic caps over screws, pop off the caps with a screwdriver, or pull them off with pliers, then unscrew the screws under them. Good luck with your project!

  2. I bought some used vinyl shutters, painted them and now want to hang them. Do I used wood blocks underneath to fill the gap between the shutter and the house wall? Just what is the est way to hang outdoor shutters. They are going over aluminum siding.

    Buck Vogt


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