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One of the most powerful stick models on the market, the Dyson V8 is the best stick vacuum in our eyes.

A more affordable alternative to the Dyson, this vacuum is also powerful and comes with 2 speed settings.

One of the most affordable models available today.

Less than $100, this stick is lightweight, maneuverable, and great for hard floors.

A solid stick for spot cleaning small spaces.


Removes all types of debris from Cheerios and kitty litter to coffee grounds and pet hair with incredible suction power. Not only is this Dyson stick vacuum cordless, it's one of the quietist sticks we tested.

It easily converts into a portable hand vacuum and it comes with a variety of cleaning tools and accessories.

Lightweight and powerful, this Hoover stick vacuum comes with a great battery life and end-to-end bristles that ensure you don't miss a single spot along edges and corners.

This cordlress stick lasts up to 60 minutes on eco mode (24 minutes otherwise).

This lithium-ion battery gives you a fade-free power, meaning the suction won't die down as the battery starts to die.


Power comes with a price. This is one of the most expensive models we reviewed.

This corded vacuum doesn't have the maneuverability that cordless sticks possess. It doens't have a HEPA filter either.

Pet hair can get caught in the brush and no additional brush attachments are included.

No accessories included. It also has a relatively short warranty.

If you're banking on receiving accessories with this product, be aware that you'll have to buy them seperately. You also get only 15 minutes of cleaning power and it takes 3 hours to fully charge.

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Neatly folding upright vacuum cord

Stick vacuums are a super handy tool for quick pick-ups and spot cleaning. They’ve been made popular by renters and homeowners of small homes, pet owners, and parents. Many manufacturers have started adding at least one stick to their lineup, which means there are a lot of options to choose from. To make your search for the best stick vacuum easier, we tested and scored vacuums by suction power, noise, maneuverability, accessories, and attachments among other criteria.

Stick vacuum reviews guide

It’s no secret that your floors will get dirty, but having the right vacuum to tackle your messes can make cleaning your floors a little easier. Stick vacuums are a great option for smaller spills and day-to-day messes in smaller homes or apartments. Because of their ergonomic design, they’re also great for people with arthritis or for those who have difficulty holding heavy objects.

Lightweight and portable, most stick vacuum cleaners can convert into a handheld appliance, making them a viable option for those who are constantly cleaning up after pets and children. Some sticks have comparable power to upright vacuums, making them a great alternative for those who don’t want to lug around a heavier vacuum as they clean.

The major downside to stick vacuums is how much more expensive they are than upright or canister vacuums. Stick vacuums also have smaller dustbins and a short battery life, so they wouldn’t be the best option for larger houses. However, the dustbins are extremely easy to remove and empty, so maintenance shouldn’t be an issue. And if you’re using a stick vacuum for smaller messes, you may not need to empty the dustbin very often.

With so many vacuums on the market today, it can be difficult to navigate and determine which one is the best one for you. That’s where Today’s Homeowner Reviews comes in. To expedite and inform your purchase journey, we’ve considered the most important features, price, and stick vacuum reviews reported by verified customers. Keep reading to learn how to buy the best stick vacuum for you and your cleaning needs.

Stick vacuums are a convenient alternative to upright vacuums, especially when it comes to routine cleaning in apartments or in households with pets and children.

8 major factors to consider


In general, stick vacuums are some of the easiest vacuums to assemble. With the ones we tested, the only assembly required was clicking a few parts into place. They all came with a partial charge, so we didn’t even have to fully charge them before use (though it’s recommended that you charge a stick vacuum before using it for a longer run time and better cleaning experience).

Cord vs. cordless

Corded vacuums are lightweight and have incredible suction power, but the cord limits them to a single room (you’ll have to unplug the vacuum and plug it back in when going from room to room). Cordless vacuums are the easiest to transfer around the home. However, because they they’re battery powered, they may need to be recharged in the middle of a cleaning job, especially if they have a short battery life.

Battery life

Cordless stick vacuums are battery powered. Look for sticks with a voltage of 18 or higher and a runtime of around 30 to 40 minutes for the best cleaning performance. For sticks with a shorter runtime, don’t be surprised if you find yourself constantly having to recharge the vacuum during a cleaning job.


All stick vacuums are bagless, meaning that the dust and debris collected during a cleaning job lands in a dust cup. Because sticks are smaller than uprights and canisters, the dust cup capacity will also be smaller. If you need a vacuum with a large dust cup, consider purchasing an upright or canister vacuum.

Two-in-one feature

One of the best features of a stick vacuum cleaner is its ability to convert into a handheld vacuum to help you clean those hard-to-reach spaces. You can use the portable handheld vacuum to clean stairs, your vehicle, and under furniture. Some even come with extension tools that can be connected to your handheld vacuum to clean upholstery and other delicate materials like drapes or ceiling fan blades.


While stick vacuums are relatively lightweight, there are some models that are lighter than others. Four of the five stick vacuums that we reviewed were between five and seven pounds, but the Hoover weighed above average at 12 pounds. If you have arthritis or struggle to carry heavy objects for an extended period, look for sticks that have ergonomic features or ones that weigh less than five pounds.


Stick vacuums are great for those who have limited mobility or arthritis. Look for one with a swivel head (this can navigate the vacuum around tough corners and under furniture) and an on/off switch instead of a trigger—this is especially important for those who have arthritis and don’t want to be putting pressure on a trigger while vacuuming.

Tools and accessories

Most models come with some variation of a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and brush tool. Other tools you may want to look for include a pet tool, extension tool, and dusting brush. Note: Most stick vacuums don’t have room to store the accessories and tools, so you’ll have to find a separate place to store them.

For those who suffer from arthritis or mobility issues, a stick vacuum can be the perfect solution thanks to its lightweight design and ergonomic features.

Is a stick vacuum right for me?

Do you live in an apartment or a large home?

Stick vacuums are great for cleaning apartments, condos, or smaller homes. Because some sticks are cordless and have a short battery life, it’d be difficult to clean a multi-level home without having to recharge the vacuum at least once. Additionally, sticks don’t have a large dust cup capacity and would have to be emptied frequently when vacuuming a larger home.

Do you like to vacuum the whole house at once or do you go room-by-room throughout the week?

If you prefer to vacuum individual rooms throughout the week, opt for a cordless stick vacuum. These can be easily removed from their storage space and used to clean individual rooms within the given runtime.

What type of flooring do you have?

If you have hard floors (tile, linoleum, hardwoods, etc.) or low-pile carpet, a stick vacuum cleaner is a great option. Sticks don’t perform as well on high-pile carpet, mainly because some don’t have the incredible suction power that uprights do. If you have high-pile carpet throughout your home, we recommend an upright or canister vacuum to effectively deep clean and remove all of the dirt and debris on your floors.

How often do you vacuum?

If you vacuum frequently and need a vacuum cleaner that you can easily take in and out of storage, a stick vacuum may be just what you need. Because they’re so lightweight, they can be transported from room to room without constantly unplugging and plugging in a cord (unless you purchase a corded stick vacuum). Even with a corded stick, you’ll find that its lightweight design makes it more convenient to use than a heavy upright vacuum cleaner.

Do you have pets or kids?

If you’re constantly vacuuming up pet hair or cleaning messes made by your little ones, a stick vacuum is the way to go. Sticks can easily be converted into a handheld vacuum, allowing you to spot clean small messes.

Though stick vacuums are lighter than uprights and canisters, they still pack a powerful punch and have incredibly strong suction power.

FAQs About Stick Vacuums

Which cordless stick vacuum is the best?

The best cordless stick vacuum is the Dyson V8. With a 40-minute runtime and powerful suction on all types of surfaces, this Dyson stick vacuum comes out on top.

If you want a more affordable cordless stick, we recommend the Eufy HomeVac Duo—it lasts up to 60 minutes on eco mode and has comparable suction power.

What is the best corded stick vacuum?

The best corded stick vacuum is the Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright. It’s more affordable than the Dyson V8 and easily transforms into a portable vacuum. With excellent swivel technology and two different suction controls, this Shark stick vacuum gives you a more precise clean.

What is the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors?

In general, stick vacuums perform better on hardwood floors than uprights and canisters. We recommend the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum as the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors because of its brush roll features.

What is the best stick vacuum for pet hair?

The best stick vacuum for pet hair is the Dyson V8 Absolute. It truly is one of the most powerful vacuums on the market and effectively removes pet hair from hard floors, low-pile carpet, and high-pile carpet. Not to mention, it has a large dust container to hold all of the pet debris you suck up and it comes with HEPA filtration.

The VonHaus Two-in-One is another great pet hair picker-upper. It converts into a handheld vacuum and it includes a crevice attachment and upholstery brush.

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