Poll Results: Eco-Friendly Changes

CFL light bulb on green ferns.

With all the talk about going green lately, we wanted to find out what you are doing to make a difference. Last month, we asked, “What is the most recent change you have taken to be more eco-friendly?” Here are the results, and a few tips of our own.

  1. Installed compact florescent light bulbs – 66%

    For those of you have yet to make the change, be sure to check out our guide to CFL bulbs.

  2. Started recycling – 11%

    If you weren’t one of these people, now is a great time to learn more about recycling.

  3. Improved water conservation

    We have tons of tips for conserving water from Repairing a running Toilet to Drip Irrigation

  4. Switched to a car that gets better gas mileage – 8%

  5. None of the above – 6%

    If you’re looking for ideas, read the recap of the Clean and Green series that recently aired on CBS’ The Early Show.



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