Talking Tiny Houses & Accessing Hard-To-Reach Cabinets | Ep. 2

We’re talking about tiny houses – their popularity and why new building codes may lead to more popping up in the future. And, one homeowner is tired of needing a step stool to reach her laundry room’s overhead cabinets. Danny and Joe share some DIY projects making this storage space more accessible. Plus, moisture inside a home turns refurbishing hardwood floors into a challenge. The $10 item that will track down the main source of this issue.


  1. My Mom’s home was built in 1991 and she has the two door entry. We are in the Columbia, SC area where there is still a lot of sand so we don’t know if it’s due to a sinking foundation (she’s on a crawl space). She bought the home four years ago and it leaks air terribly at both the top and bottom of the doors and one area where the two doors come together.
    The front door is the worse but she has four sets of the double doors and two are troublesome. I want to help her find the right solution and give her peace of mind but the standard door insulation doesn’t seem to be sufficient. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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