If you don’t follow Today’s Homeowner on Facebook, you may not know that I recently got married! Here’s the post announcing it.

And since I love making crafts and just doing things myself in general, I had to put some personal touches on my big day. One contribution was this bunting for the photo booth at our reception.
Bunting banner hanging on beaded board

I had pinned several wedding related items on Pinterest that included some sort of bunting, like this. So I knew I wanted it somewhere. And once we decided to have a photo booth, I thought that’d be a great place to hang it.

I did a small amount of research and then dug in. We ordered a bunch of burlap to tie bows around some of the dining chairs for the reception. And we had several yards of 7 inch wide burlap leftover that I used for this project.

First I drew out the basic outline of my bunting, a triangle, on a piece of computer paper.
triangle drawn on white paper

And to be sure I had the right sizing, I drew a letter in the middle to make sure it was big enough to be seen and looked proportionate. I originally thought I’d spell out ‘Brandon and Chelsea’ with the bunting. So I did my test with ‘B’.
The letter B drawn inside triangle

But I soon found out that was a lot of triangles to cut and so I went with ‘Mr & Mrs Wolf’ instead.

In order to make sure my triangles were even, I cut out my trial triangle and folded it in half. I then traced it onto the fold of another piece of paper to create a new stencil.
Triangle folded in half and placed on edge of folded computer paper

But before I cut out the new stencil, I realized I needed a little extra on the end so I would be able to attach it to something. So I drew a flap and angled it so when it was folded over a piece of string or yarn it wouldn’t be seen from the front. Extra flap drawn onto template before cutting
Diamond shape cut from computer paper

I then laid out my stencil on the burlap and traced it with a permanent marker. I figured a pen would get caught in the weave of the burlap too easily and I could always cut inside the black marks to make it disappear.
Diamond shaped template placed on burlap for tracing
I left a tiny bit of space between the traces in case I wanted to increase the size of the triangles as I was cutting, which I ended up doing.
diamond shaped template traced onto burlap with space between

Long ribbon of burning with diamond shapes traced

My next step was to pick a font I liked on the computer and print off the letters I’d need in the right size. This took some trial-and-error to get it right, but eventually I got it right and cut each letter out.Black wolf letters cut out of paper

*One note to make if you have burlap that comes in rolls like mine did, you’ll want to iron it flat before tracing any letters on it. And this is also a good time to fold and iron the extra flap that I used to attach to yarn. I used a spray bottle to get it damp with water and then used my iron on a medium setting. It might smell a little funny, but it’s safe for the burlap and your iron.

I thought I’d be able to hold the letter in place on top of the burlap triangle and trace it again with my permanent marker. But the letters were really skinny and my fingers are not.
holding the letter W on burlap

There was no way to hold it in the same spot and trace it in its entirety without relocating the letter at some point. So I tried placing the letter under the burlap. And it was still visible, so it was perfect for tracing. Cut letter under burlap triangle

At this juncture, I realized I didn’t have to intricately cut out all of those letters. I could have easily left them intact on the paper and traced from there…oh well, you live and you learn!
Letter W traced on burlap next to W cut from paper
Letter M traced on burlap triangle with permanent marker next to letter W

Once all 10 characters were traced, I laid it out to see how I wanted it to look. Again, I employed the method of trial-and-error, and did not like my first attempt since I thought it’d hang too low in the photo booth.Burlap bunting banner laid on floor with yarn

So I rearranged and got something I liked!
Burlap bunting letters in one long line on floor
Side view of burlap bunting laid out on floor

Then I was ready for assembly! I tucked the green yarn under the ironed flap and stapled it in two places. I didn’t staple through the yarn, but just below it. It stayed in place really well without having to staple the yarn.Hand holding burlap flap over yarn to be stapled
Staple burlap flap over green yarn

I stapled the first one and looked it over to see if the staples were real obvious. And they weren’t!Burlap triangle with letter M on green yarn

Of course if they were, I’d have just chalked it up to added character and charm!

Then I hung it up to visualize it in my photo booth.Burlap bunting hanging over white beaded board wall

Once I posted it on Instagram, it got this pretty filter.Instagram filter on burlap bunting hanging on wall

And since this post wouldn’t be complete without the bunting in action, here are a few pictures from the wedding photo booth. And a few of my handsome husband and me!
Wedding photo booth with burlap bunting pink lips big glasses top hat and mustache

Wedding photo booth with fabric background, pink sunglasses, pink construction hat and 2 girls.

Our whole wedding party!Bridal party posing in photo booth with props and burlap bunting banner

Bride and groom posing in front of big wooden door.

Bride and groom posing silly with sunglasses
Bride and groom in tan suit posing in front of wooden door
Bride and groom in front of large oak tree
Bride and groom posing with bride's parents on sunny day.
Bride and groom cutting white wedding cake

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