Moving Hank Aaron’s Home

Most of the time when we tape an episode of my show, Today’s Homeowner, it gets more and more interesting as the project develops, especially when there’s a nice background story to go along with it. We’re right in the middle of one now.

Hall of Famer (and the real Home Run King) Hank Aaron was born right here in Mobile, Alabama, where I live. Recently an idea was hatched by the Mobile BayBears (a minor league farm team for the Arizona Diamondbacks) to move Hank’s childhood home from an area right outside Mobile to the team’s stadium grounds, which happens to be named “The Hank Aaron Stadium.”

Hank donated the house to the city and the BayBears’ management is handling the restoration. It’s being restored as a museum to house some of Hank’s memorabilia and will be remodeled to look just like it did in 1945.

This will be a great episode because of the history involved as well as the project itself—lifting a house and moving it across town, then rebuilding it. Plus, we’ll have several on camera interviews with the home run king himself.

It was neat to talk with Hank and hear stories of how he played on the dirt street in front of his house and learned to hit bottle caps with a broomstick. He also talked about how the house was originally only 24’ by 24’ and how over the years he and his brothers and father added on to it whenever they could.

What a great project! The show will air a couple times in 2009. Check out our article Hank Aaron’s Home Moved to Ballpark to see how it was done.


  1. Looks like a fascinating project and what a story. Always makes it that much more satisfying as a do it yourselfer when you do it yourself for someone else. Love the show Danny. I get great ideas from you. There are others showing their ideas at if you get a chance to take a look.

  2. I appreciate this article on the relocation of Hank Aaron’s home. Hank has always been a hero to me. He is among the last of the true baseball stars who earned his place in the hall of Fame without being “juiced”.


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