Keeping Warm at the Kuppersmith Project House

It’s 25 degrees here in Mobile, Alabama, which is pretty cold for the Deep South! Since the HVAC system on the Kuppersmith Project isn’t available yet, we’ve hooked up some propane gas heaters to make the house warm enough to work.

The heater that’s really doing the job is a kerosene fired, portable heater that puts out 200,000 BTUs of heat. It uses about $20 a day in fuel, but it manages to keep the house fairly warm.

Cold weather can put the brakes on some aspects of home construction. The brick masons can’t lay brick, since it’s too cold for the mortar to set, and painting has to wait until the house warms up.

We’re getting ready to hang the drywall in the house. We’ll have to keep the heaters going strong when we’re ready to finish it, so the joint compound will dry properly. Watch this video to find out more.


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