International Builders’ Show 2012

Danny Lipford and Allen Lyle at the 2012 International Builders' Show
Danny Lipford and Allen Lyle at the 2012 International Builders’ Show

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Danny Lipford and Allen Lyle visited the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida, sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders. Check out the cool new tools, products, and building materials they found for your home!

    • Soundproofing: Acoustiblok 1/8” thick rubber soundproofing membrane is installed behind drywall to reduce the amount of sound transmitted through walls.
Pull Stop Box installed in wall by toilet.
Pull Stop Box.
    • Shutoff Valve Box: The Pull Stop Box from LSP Products is a flush mounted, cutoff valve, wall box that’s easy to install and can to be turned on or off easily.
    • Shower Drain: Kerdi linear, rectangular shower drains from Schluter come in a range of styles that make for easy installation in a tile shower.
    • Water Heaters: The A.O. Smith Voltex heat pump water heater has a larger tank to maximize efficiently, while their Next Hybrid water heater incorporates tankless water heater technology with a small reserve tank.
  • Bathroom Vent Fans: Broan-NuTone Ultra series bathroom vent fans are easy to install in both new and existing construction to reduce or eliminate the amount of time spent working in the attic.
Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles
Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles
    • Solar Powered Roof Shingles: Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles are low profile photovoltaic solar panels that serve both as roofing and to generate electricity for your home.
    • Home Security System: The Nexia Home Intelligence system from Schlage uses wireless technology to allow you to monitor and control your home remotely through a smartphone or computer.
ComfortLink II programmable thermostat from Trane.
Trane ComfortLink II thermostat.
    • Touch Screen Thermostat: The ComfortLink II programmable thermostat from Trane has a 7” interactive touch screen that allows you to set and program the temperature in your home, find out how much energy you’re using, tell you when to change your air filter, and can display pictures.
    • Faux Stone and Wood: Fypon moldings, trim, columns, and beams have the look of real stone, stucco, and wood but are made from polyurethane to resist moisture, insects, warping, and cracking.
    • Prefinished Molding: Eastman Cerfis Finished Elegance moldings are prefinished with a polymer coating for a smooth surface that prevents chipping when cutting.
    • Plastic Laminate Edging: IdealEdge by Formica gives plastic laminate countertops a molded look and is flexible for installation on curved tops.
    • Steel Deck Framing: Trex Elevations steel deck framing eliminates the need for wood framing under a deck and is easy to install.
    • Wood Windows: JELD-WEN uses reclaiming Douglas fir from barns, fences, and factories to make beautiful windows and doors, and their Tilt and Turn window can open in three different directions.
  • Durable Wood: Perennial Wood from Eastman is Southern yellow pine that’s been treated to resist water absorption to prevent warping and cracking.
Azek Vast pavers made from recycled materials.
Azek Vast pavers made from recycled materials.
    • Recycled Pavers: Azek Vast pavers are manufactured from recycled rubber and plastic for eco-friendly pavers that weigh 1/3 less than concrete, are guaranteed against cracking, and are easy to install.
    • Protective Screening: The stainless steel screen system from Sentry not only stops insects but is so tough it provides protection from hurricanes and burglars.
    • Gutter Guard: Rhino gutter guard keeps leaves and other debris out and is available as a stainless steel micro-mesh that attaches directly to fascia with a drip edge.
    • Window Light Control: ODL enclosed binds are sealed between two panes of glass, so they require no cleaning. The ODL Array system uses slotted siding panels to give a contemporary look to window light control.
Quikrete Zip & Mix FastSet Repair Mortar.
Quikrete Zip & Mix Repair Mortar.
    • Hidden Door: The Invisi Door from Custom Service Hardware gives the appearance of a built-in bookcase but has a unique hinge system that can be installed to open either in or out.
    • Mortar Repair Mix: Repairing concrete and mortar joints just got a lot easier thanks to Quikrete Zip & Mix FastSet Repair Mortar. Just add water to the resealable bag, knead, and spread with the spreading tool.
    • Propane Powered Generator: The Generac LP3250 is a portable generator that’s powered by a propane tank mounted on the unit for easy of use and safer, more environmentally friendly operation.
  • Durable Drill Bits: Carbide tipped drill bits from Bad Dog Tools can take on almost any material from steel to concrete to wood.

Other Tips from This Episode

Step drill bit with tape wrapped around it.

Simple Solutions with Joe Truini:
Step Drill Bit Tips

A step drill bit can be used to drill 13 different sized holes with only one drill bit. It’s great for drilling in thin material, like sheet metal. To know when to stop drilling, wrap a piece of tape around the bit at the right sized hole. (Watch Video)

Werner Compact Extension Ladder

Best New Products with Jodi Marks:
Werner Compact Extension Ladder

The Werner 16’ Compact Extension Ladder has three 6’ sections to allow for easy transport and use indoors or at lower heights that standard extension ladders. The Werner Compact Extension ladder has a 225 pound load capacity and is available at The Home Depot. (Watch Video)

Prevent Wood Floors from Buckling

Ask Danny Lipford:
Prevent Wood Floors from Buckling

If the wood floors in your house are warping or buckling, the problem may be caused by excess moisture in the crawlspace under the house. To prevent this from happening, install a layer of 6 mil thick plastic on the ground under the house. (Watch Video)


  1. Hi Danny, Love your show,so much honest information.We just had insulation installed in our crawl/basement space.They put down 6 mil on the ground but put landscape pins in to hold in place.Can we put another 6 mil over the new one and use sand to hold in place? The holes made by staples are numerous and likely will allow moisture to escape. We just wanted to be sure mold wouldn’t grow between the 2 sheets.
    Thank you

  2. what is the name of the drill bit you showed on the July 29th home improvemnet show from Orlanod?
    they were demoing how you can drill motor, wood, metal etc with that one drill bit.

    • Hi Curtis,
      The drill bits you are asking about were made by Bad Dog Tools (they’re the last entry in the article above).

  3. This episode had a cool door glass covering that looks like an insert into a door that acts as a shade and permits the louvers to close with the turn of a knob. It looked like it may have been aluminum and i thought i saw the name douglas associated with it but i cannot find the product. Hopin u can direct me please.

    • Hi Tom,
      The glass with built-in light control were made by ODL. You can find out more about them in the article above under the heading” Window Light Contol.”


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