Improving a Nonprofit for Kids with Autism

'Today's Homeowner' hosts Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf renovate The Learning Tree, a nonprofit for children with autism
‘Today’s Homeowner’ hosts Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf renovate The Learning Tree, a nonprofit for children with autism.

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In this episode, we improve a nonprofit center’s buildings to help things run smoother and look fresher.

Each week, “Today’s Homeowner” meets with families to improve backyards, kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere else they could use some help.

We share step-by-step home improvement tips — along with Simple Solutions and Best New Products — with fans to make their lives easier.

In this special episode, which is part of our “Helping Hands” series, we’re doing something a little different to give back to our community.

The entire “Today’s Homeowner” team takes on a project to make “home” a little “homier” for some young people with autism.

We’re making improvements to two homes for a group called The Learning Tree, a nonprofit organization in Mobile, Alabama.

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Some of the “Today’s Homeowner” and The Learning Tree staffers, along with volunteers and children, take a group photo between projects at the nonprofit organization.

We completed a number of projects at The Learning Tree.

Among them were rototilling the yards; sanding, priming and painting cabinets; repairing the asphalt driveway; removing and replacing the old flooring; and doing some landscaping.

Our entire staff participated in the project, which would not have been possible without the following partners.



Restaurants (these places donated food for lunch)

  • Naman’s Catering
  • Newk’s Eatery

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