The subject of modern architecture brings images of tall buildings made of metal and glass to mind. These trends in architecture dictate the popularity of certain building designs, while building material manufacturers continue to develop and evolve their products. Despite the intrigue to high-tech building materials, one of man’s oldest materials still remains an attractive choice.

Wood has a certain warmth and feel to it that can’t be easily be mimicked. Modern architecture incorporates clean, sharp lines, use of glass, and inventive structural designs. All of these factors can easily be applied when using wood. The use of modified wood allows for even greater flexibility as it’s a real wood product without the issues of standard wood.

Modified wood doesn’t require staining, painting or sealing, although designers that wish to change the color of the wood can have these applied. This wood material comes in Clear and Character styles, both being exceptionally smooth and splinter-free. Modified wood is also very dense, even more so than tropical hardwoods, while the modification process also leaves the boards waterproof.

9 Stunning Modern Modified Wood Buildings

1. Cinque Ports Street Redevelopment – Sustainable And Striking Angular Wood Facade

wood building 1
(Cinque ports, by JD Architects, photo by Oliver Perrott)

Cinque Ports Street in Rye, UK was neglected and derelict for over 14 years before this incredible transformation. This particular building was designed by JD Architects and simultaneously stands out from the surrounding traditional brick buildings without deviating from a traditional feel.

The combination of silvered modified wood siding coupled with the striking angular structure protected the original medieval town wall while adding modernity.

2. The Livereds Chapel – An Unusual Approach To A Wooden Alpine Chapel

wood building 2
(Livereds chapel, by Malmström Edström, photo by Urban Lidström)

Traditional chapels aren’t often made of natural wood, which is what makes the Livereds Chapel a memorable modern building. Located within a forest in Molndal, the Livereds Chapel is not only made of modified wood, but it also has an unusual shape. This building’s geometry consists of rounded corners and an asymmetrical shape. The natural appearance of the wood cladding makes the chapel look warm and welcoming rather than overbearing.

3. Helgeland Kraft Power Plant – A Modern-day Power Station Made Of Wood And Glass

wood building 3
(Helgeland kraft power plant, by Stein Hamre Arkitekter, photo by Bjørn Leirvik)

Tucked away in Mosjoen, Norge is the Ovre Forsland power station, owned by Helgeland Kraft. During the day this building stands out against the landscape with its unusual glass and wood front. Where this building really wows is at night when the lights from the interior cause a beautiful glow. Modern power plants and power stations don’t need to be industrial and unwelcoming.

4. The Norwegian Institute For Nature Research – Staggered Floors With Wood Throughout

wood building 4
(NINA, by Pir II, photo by Angell foto AS)

The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, better known as the NINA, was built by Pir ll in Trondheim, Norway. This incredible wooden structure looks incredibly complex, yet was based on a fairly simple concept of differentiating between the different floors.

Each floor is home to a specific activity of the Institute and the staggered approach to structure achieves the goal. Not only is modified wood used throughout the facade of the NINA, but it also was used structurally within the building as well as for framing windows.

5. The Kreod – A Glowing Architectural Sculpture With A Wooden Honeycomb Pattern

wood building 5

Mixing artistic design with architecture often ends with beautiful results. The KREOD is a structural sculpture with an organic form that was inspired by shapes in nature. The three pods resemble seeds, with the outer surface of each being covered in a geometric honeycomb pattern made of modified wood. These pods not only add interest to the landscape but they also show how inventive designers can get with freestanding wooden structures.

6. Farmhouse 2.0 – Rundown Farmhouse Brought Into The 21st Century

wood building 6
(Farmhouse 2.0, by LINK Arkitektur, photo by Hundven-Clements Photography)

This project completed by LINK Arkitektur may be a residential home, but the principles behind it can easily be adopted into commercial buildings. The original 19th-century farmhouse was rundown and in great need of renovation. LINK maintained the original lines of the farmhouse, like the gabled roofline and elongated rectangular body. Then by setting back the entrance of the home, the heavy use of glass and aluminum, and the white interior facade they made the Farmhouse 2.0 every bit of modern.

7. Onda Restaurant – A Modern Wooden Restaurant That Lives Up To Its Name

wood building 7
(Onda restaurant, by Alliance and MAPT)

Onda is Spanish for ‘wave’ and the Onda Restaurant truly lives up its name. The Onda Restaurant is certainly a memorable restaurant thanks to its unique wavy roof. The wood used in its architecture, as well as the decking surrounding it, are all made of wood. Unlike other wood options, modified wood ages to a beautiful silvery-gray over time. This color is quite beautiful and sleek and is perfectly showcased in this restaurant.

8. Belle Epine Center – Giving Existing Buildings A Modern Facelift With Wood Facades

wood building 8
(Belle epine, DGLa: architect, Coris Construction: developer)

The Belle Epine Center is a shopping mall in Paris France. A major part of its renovation was the installation of floating wood facade over the existing buildings. These floating panels feature vertical and horizontal slats randomly placed upon a metal frame built onto the building itself. This wooden clapboard facade is a wonderful example of how existing buildings can be easily renovated to create a more modern looking structure without having to undergo serious construction.

9. The Quiet Treehouse – A Modern, Luxury Treehouse Designed By Eco-home Builders

(The quiet treehouse, by Blue Forest Luxury Treehouses, photo by Blue Forest)

When you think of treehouses modern design doesn’t quickly spring to mind. However, luxury treehouses are an architectural niche that includes stunning structure like the Quiet Treehouse.

The Quiet Treehouse was designed by Blue Forest with the goal of creating a treehouse home that will bring people closer to nature. The geometry of this treehouse is very organic and natural. Modified wood was used throughout, including the interesting exoskeleton-like shell around the treehouse. You’ll note that even the windows have an intriguing wood design placed over them.

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