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The revelry of a river town bathed in moonlight is the subject of “Port Moonbeam,“ available in several formats.

A painter since the age offour, Will Moses is a fourth-generation member of the renowned Moses family of artists. Born and raised in Eagle Bridge, New York, Will captures, in his delightful paintings, the quiet beauty of his hometown near the Vermont border.

Moses may work in the folk art tradition of his famous great-grandmother, Grandma Moses, but his style differs from hers in several ways. As a boy, he was encouraged to develop his own style by his grandfather, the accomplished folk artist Forrest K. Moses. Will’s paintings are in the tradition of “Moses country“ landscapes and themes, but, for example, his compositions are more sophisticated and complex; even the smallest details appear in sharp focus.

“Country Home“ peeks inside a traditional farmhouse in a typical Moses-country village.

Moses’ work is widely exhibited in galleries and museums in the U.S., Canada, and Japan, where he has toured. He has illustrated 10 children’s books, including Raspberries by Jay O’Callahan. Will’s lively compositions are available as limited-edition serigraphs, prints, and posters, online and through the Mt. Nebo Gallery. He also offers one-of-a-kind oil paintings, and etchings limited to editions of 99. Will signs every piece. “We work to keep the integrity and collectability of the art intact by offering small ‘one time’ editions limited to the stated number,“ he says.

Will Moses at work in his studio on the New York/Vermont border.

He also sells posters, cards, jigsaw puzzles, and calendars featuring his art. Fittingly, Moses and his family live in the 200-year-old farmhouse where his great-grandmother began her career. When he’s not busy working on the ongoing restoration of the old homestead, he and his family raise chickens, cattle, produce and New England maple syrup.

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