Do you want to remodel your traditional-looking white farmhouse to make it look sleeker? The color black is a minimalist shade that will enhance your curb’s appeal without being the center of attention of your entire landscape. So, here are 7 white farmhouses with black shutter ideas to get you started.

1. 2-Story Modern Farmhouse with Black Shutters 


Make your traditional and old farmhouses look more modern with black window shutters; they are great minimalist accents that make your home look homier. If you don’t want the black shutters to be the center of attention, paint your front door black. Doing this provides a more uniform design throughout your front porch, making your farmhouse look bolder.

2. Off-White Farmhouse with Black Shutters and Vinyl Siding


If you want your farmhouses to look traditional and stylish, add black shutters to all your windows and horizontal vinyl sidings. The sidings create more texture to your property, providing beautiful accents that make it look homier and minimalist. 

Aside from the sidings, you can also provide white accented bricks to make your farmhouse look more modern while contrasting your black window shutters. 

3. Colonial White Farmhouse with Black Shutters


Colonial farmhouses are also unique properties even during modern times. The black shutters on this farmhouse’s windows draw attention while maintaining the symmetrical beauty of the entire property. 

Finish your curb appearance with a black door to tie the look of your farmhouse together. The colonial look of your farmhouse will look more classic when you choose a dark gray-colored roof. If you want to add more accents, choose a stonework element for your entryway and have a lush green landscape to enhance your curb appeal. 

4. White Farmhouse with Black Shutters and Red Brick Facade


If you want to add textures to accentuate your simple white farmhouse, red bricks on your facade will make it look more rustic and welcoming. The color red provides a good contrast to your white facade and black window shutters. 

You can also paint your front door black and even your garage door. The black front and garage door also provide a good accent and contrast to your red bricks, making your entire farmhouse look unique and stand out in your neighborhood.

5. White Farmhouse with Black Shutters and Black Window Frames


A contemporary farmhouse like this will certainly stand out in the neighborhood when you pair the black shutters with black window frames. Doing this allows the windows without shutters to still stand out because of the pop of color black. Unite your farmhouse’s white and black colors by choosing black roof shingles.

6. White Farmhouse with Black Shutters and Gray Stonework Accent


Keep the minimalist look of your white farmhouse with black window shutters and gray stonework. These colors go well perfectly, making your property look sleek and stylish. For a unique finish, paint your front door black as well; this unites your farmhouse’s overall look while providing beautiful contrast and subtle accents. 

Pair your gray stonework with gray roof shingles, making your farmhouse appear historical yet contemporary.

7. Cottage-Like White Farmhouse with Black Shutters


A tiny white farmhouse with black shutters gives the perfect cottage vibe, making you feel homey and welcomed to this property. The black shutters should be the center of attention, so ensure that the rest of your curb appears clean and white. 

You can also make your window frames black to provide a sleeker finish to your curb appearance. Additionally, paint your front door black. Doing this provides more contrast to your white facade while making your property look more sophisticated.

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