Grass pavers are becoming a very popular choice for homeowners looking to convert a portion of their yard into a parkable area. Techno Earth grass pavers, in particular, are a favorite with those who like the option of stabilizing a portion of a grass area with pavers or using those same pavers to create a stabilized gravel grid instead. 

Techno Earth grass pavers are able to perform both functions, however, there are other viable alternatives on the market that you might want to consider. In case you’re interested in using grass pavers, let’s take a look at Techno Earth grass pavers as well as what many would consider to be a superior alternative.

What Are Techo Earth Pavers?

Techno Earth grass pavers are just another type of permeable paver, made by the Techno Earth company. They are made from HDPE or PP which makes them just as strong as any type of common plastic you might find in a household item. They are able to handle heavy loads because of their 3mm-thick side walls as well, up to 200 tons per square meter.

The pavers come in square grids divided into honeycomb-shaped cells. They come in both green and black, and each box holds 4 grids that cover 11 square feet of surface area when snapped together. They snap together via interlocking sockets and are very resistant to cold weather as well as UV rays. 

The pavers can be used to build driveways, paths, patios, access roads, and parking lots. They’re also nearly 100%-permeable, allowing for the effortless and efficient drainage of stormwater, no matter where or how they are used. Since they aren’t always set above a gravel sub-base, drainage can be a bit less effective if you lay them right over topsoil, because they don’t penetrate the topsoil to any meaningful depth.

One of the main reasons why people like Techno Earth grass pavers is that they can be filled with soil and seed once they are laid. This allows them to act as a durable, raised grass surface that can be driven on by all types of traffic. Suitable for both residential and commercial areas, they’re also great for installing grass into an area where the topsoil doesn’t take to grass very well.

When these grids are used to fill a grass area, 95% of it will be grass, with the other 5% being nearly invisible, especially if you go with the green pavers for a grass area. Once installed, they help to prevent an otherwise unpaved or grassless area from reflective glare while also facilitating the absorption of noise, heat, and dust.

What’s the Alternative to Techno Earth Pavers?

The most impressive alternative to Techno Earth grass pavers is the TRUEGRID ROOT paving system. These pavers are more eco-friendly than Techno Earth because they’re made from 100%-recycled plastic. They’re just as durable and able to last up to 60 years with minimal maintenance required. 

Another benefit that TRUEGRID ROOT pavers have over Techno Earth is that they don’t require you to pour soil or seed into each individual cell in order for grass to grow. In fact, you can roll them right over a grass area and the grass will just pop up through the cells and continue growing. Installation takes minutes to complete, with only a heavy roller or vehicle needed to compress the pavers into the ground.

TRUEGRID ROOT also has an edge in the prevention of soil erosion because the pavers penetrate the topsoil more deeply and are not laid over the top of the ground, but pressed into it. This keeps them a bit more stable and prevents sliding as well. 

TRUEGRID ROOT is the only heavy-load grass paver system on the market, and it provides 100% grass coverage. It works great for trails, festival sites, taxiways, and light aircraft runways, event centers, paths, scour and slope protection, Boat and RV storage and access, and fairground turf support as well. 

TRUEGRID ROOT is the single least expensive paving option available for grass and requires no special permits or permission from local regulators to install. It requires no excavation and is the superior product when it comes to preventing vehicle sinkage, rutting, and other damage to a grassy area being driven on.

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