When you’re thinking about how to design your shed surroundings, it can be tempting to focus on the inside of your shed. But don’t forget that when people see your shed, they see all of its surroundings.

With proper designing skills, sheds can be transformed into a lovely place to hang out. Sheds can be an eye-catching addition to your yard, not just for storage purposes, but they can also be a bit of an eyesore if they don’t fit in with the rest of your landscaping.

There are so many options when it comes to landscaping your shed! Here are some shed landscape ideas that will help you figure out how to take the best advantage of your space.


Cottage Potting Shed

Having potted plants on your landscape is a great way to match your nature-inspired shed with greenery. The ideal potted plants are ornamental plants like hydrangeas and other types that can be planted in containers or directly into the ground.


Checkerboard Paving

Paving with grass and concrete for your landscape creates an interesting visual effect that will make your yard look like a greenery park. The contrast between natural materials and artificial components will increase your property’s curb appeal.


Contrast the Color of the Shed with the Floor

Who says you can’t paint your shed all black? The trick here is to create a strong contrast between the landscape and the shed to create a balance. You can add white pebbles around your shed to blend in with the rest of your yard.


Put Cement Pavers on One Side

Having a mini patio near your shed is a great way to use your spare outdoor furniture while creating a cozy spot perfect for relaxing after work or enjoying an afternoon coffee.


Make a Firepit

If you have a small yard, then firepits are one of the best ways to make it look bigger than it actually is. A firepit near a shed creates a sense of spaciousness in this small area which in turn makes people more relaxed while spending time here with family members or friends over.


Build a Deck

Transform your shed into a mini house in your backyard and put a deck with chairs and other outdoor furniture. Make the surroundings feel more relaxing by adding plants, timbers, colorful pebbles, and landscape contours to the area around the shed for an extra pop of color.


Use Landscaping Timbers

Highlight the shed’s location by dividing up an area around it with landscaping timbers. Having landscaping contours will allow you to add some fun color to your yard without using paint or other materials that may fade over time. You can use colored pebbles, mini plants, and colorful flowers such as tulips or daisies to add extra character.


Install a River

Adding water features can be one of the most effective approaches to creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors, particularly if they don’t live close by.

Use big rocks and level the ground. Then, put in lights and make it look like a river. The manmade river near your shed will create a sense of calmness and help reduce your stress levels.


Make a Labyrinth Around the Shed

If you’re looking for something more subtle, try making a labyrinth around your shed—it will help you relax and get into a meditative state of mind. You can even plant flowers or plants inside, so it looks nicer than just rocks.


Keep it Simple but Chic

Go with a simple landscape design if you have tiny sheds. Stone pebbles around the shed’s perimeter can give it the look of being set in an expansive garden. The landscape design is also very low-maintenance—just rake them up every once in a while.


Give it a Summer Look, Using a Lot of Flowers

If you want to go for something a little more expansive and summery, consider planting plenty of flowers around your shed but make sure they’re short enough that they won’t block anyone’s view of the shed!


Parched Look Using Stone Pavers

Stone pavers are perfect for modernized sheds with a lot of reflective features. Using stone pavers with a parched look will make your yard look more inviting. The pavers can be used alone or in combination with other materials like bricks or gravel.


Use Geometric Pavels to Give it a Modern Look

Geometric pavers, simple landscapes, and minimalist sheds have one thing in common, and that is the aesthetic vibes they offer! The rectangular pavements on the green landscape help create an illusion of space and make it easier for you to see the walkway toward the shed.


Surround the Cobblestone Walkway with Short Plants 

The stone pathway adds a lot of character and makes the space feel more like an outdoor room than just a path to the backyard. Surround the walkway with short plants like sedum or aloe vera, and you’ll have a beautiful addition of natural elements in your yard in no time!


Make it Look Like a Small House

A beautiful shed can also be transformed into a tiny house! All you have to do is add a fence to the shed, surround the area with plants, and paint the shed with light colors. You’ll love how cozy and inviting this small space feels!


Cover Your Shed Using Climbers

Plants like clematis, honeysuckle, or wisteria will give your shed a natural look and help you save money on heating bills during the winter months. Climbers also make the space more attractive while adding oxygen to the air to make it feel fresher than before!

Another option would be to add a wide stone walkway that leads up to your door so visitors can easily navigate their way.

It is ideal if the stone path leads towards an open second floor where guests can spend time visiting if they wish before heading back again – especially if there aren’t any chairs inside yet!


Add Shed Boxes to the Windows

Wood sheds look great when they have window boxes filled with small plants such as petunias and geraniums. Surround your shed with various plants that add color and texture to your landscape design.


Turn Your Garden Shed into a Multi-Purpose Space

Your shed doesn’t have to be a place where you store your tools and gardening equipment—it can be a multi-purpose space that helps you relax and enjoy the outdoors!

Transforming your shed to an extensive outdoor space is great if you have kids or dogs who love to hang out in their backyard.

The wide patio will give them plenty of space to sit and relax while enjoying the sun or even playing games when it’s raining. You can also use the space as an eating area during parties!


Use Gravel Around

If you have an old-fashioned wooden shed, why not make it look more natural? Having gravel around your shed adds texture to your space without being too overwhelming.


Use the Space as A Playground

A shed and landscape design that suits both adults and kids are now made possible by having a large window panel on the shed and using the landscape as the kids’ playground.

To make your shed look like an extension of your home, the first thing you need to do is paint the walls of your shed.

Use a color that matches the color of your house or another feature of the yard that you want to draw attention to. Then, add some plants around the foundation of your shed. Finally, place a wide window on one side of the shed to enjoy the view of the outdoors while staying cozy inside your shed


Keep it Colorful

If you want something more playful for your children but don’t want to mess up the natural look of your yard, consider turning your landscape into a mini-playground. You can paint the outside of your shed bright colors and add play equipment like slides or swings to make it a fun place for kids!


Vegetable Patch

A vegetable patch is an excellent idea to grow some food while keeping your space organized and free from clutter. You can easily create an area where you can plant seeds or seedlings and harvest them later on throughout the year as needed.

Having boxes of vegetables planted on your landscape is a great way to save money by eating healthier foods grown at home instead of buying them from stores.


Nonconforming Edges

A shed placed on the corner of the yard surrounded by minimal plants and landscape contours will make your small hut stand out if you don’t have much space. The best way to make your tiny shed look expansive is by having double entry doors and a wooden doorstep to emphasize that feature.


Pair Neutral Colors with Eye-Catching Hues

If you’re going for an earthy vibe, pair a dark-colored shed with eye-catching hues and neutral colors. The design will create contrast between different landscape areas while still maintaining its simplicity at the same time.


Use Antiques to Personalized your Shed 

To add a bit of personality to your shed, try adding antique furniture. You can find antique objects at thrift stores or even garage sales. Adding antique furniture to personalize your exterior shed and landscape offers endless possibilities to decorate your space.


Build a DIY Pallet Potting Bench

A big pallet potting bench can serve many purposes for your shed landscape. You can use the industrial bench as a table, chair, or shelf for your plants. A DIY pallet potting bench is easy to make and requires few materials such as pallets, old plywood, nails, screws, and paint.


Match Flowers with the Color of your Shed

Another thing to consider when planning your landscape is how it will complement your shed.

If you have a red shed, for example, then you might want to plant some red flowers in the garden around it. Or if you have a white shed, then perhaps a white flower would be more fitting. The same goes for other colors as well—you might want to match them up!

That’s the end of our blog about shed landscape ideas.  Hopefully, we’ve made it easier for you to find the right landscape ideas for your yard. Sheds are great for storing your garden tools and other items, but they can also be a great place to relax and unwind. If you want to make the most of your yard, choose a landscape design that makes the shed look more than just a storage unit.

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