A staple of Christmas and the holiday season is freshly baked cookies. Just the smell of cookies baking in the oven instantly puts you in the Christmas spirit. Whether that be a fancy crinkle or a basic sugar cookie, Christmas has some of the best kinds of cookies. And to make sure you don’t have a broken oven during the holidays, consider getting a home warranty from one our best home warranty company recommendations. 

In the name of Christmas cheer, we decided to do some research. We wanted to know what the favorite Christmas cookie is in every state so we put our Today’s Homeowner elves to work. We surveyed over 4,500 Americans on their Christmas cookie preferences and here’s what we found:

According to our survey, nothing beats a classic. While not unique to Christmastime, chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies with frosting are staples during the holiday season and favorites among Americans. By count of state, sugar cookies with frosting was overall the favorite Christmas cookie in the U.S. It won the most popular Christmas cookie in 21 of the 50 states. 

Chocolate chip cookies weren’t too far behind the sugar cookies. They took home the top prize in 18 of the 50 states. Not too shabby for a simple cookie. 

Other cookies that made the top list were gingerbread, winning over 6 states, snickerdoodle (3), gingersnap (2), and shortbread (1). 

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Above is the results for the country as a whole. Interestingly, the overall results follow closely with the count by state results, which is not always the case. Sugar cookies with frosting were the favorite at 21.9%, followed closely by chocolate chip at 21.6%.

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Now we can’t forget about the cookies that might not have won over a complete state, but still deserve a seat at the Christmas dinner dessert table. Roughly 2.4% of people surveyed said their favorite Christmas cookie is a seasonal Oreo. Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe Joe’s got 1.6% of the vote. That was a surprising result considering how popular the cookie has been recently (along with all things seasonal at Trader Joe’s). 

Not every cookie is the same in the eye of the beholder, or should we say in the eye of the eater, but that is just the way the cookie crumbles. So from our team at Today’s Homeowner to you, have a wonderful holiday filled with lots of cookies and joy! 

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We surveyed 4,580 Americans in mid-November, 2019, asking them to select their favorite Christmas cookie. The survey respondents were not limited to specific demographics. We estimate the margin of error at 1%. 

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