Black and grey colors are both neutral tones that give the eyes a pleasing effect. So, if you need help combining these two colors for your home exterior, you’re in the right place. Check out these 7 samples of modern grey houses with black trims that you might like.

1. Red Brick Wall With Grey Paint and Black Trim 


The heavy red brick wall with a grey inner outline and highlighted black lines gives a modernized classic look while maintaining a vintage exterior. 

A wise choice of red bricks is also seen in this house. Since you don’t want to pair grey and black with a soil-like color, using powerful red colors helps highlight intricate details. 

2. Tri-Toned Grey And Black Accent Overhead Doors


If you want to have a variety of grey shades on your exterior, this design can be your go-to. It has three tones of grey that create multiple layers in the structure. This color division aids in avoiding your house looking flat and plain. 

Additionally, the black accent colors on the doors and window sidings emphasize the house’s details. The color black also provides the right texture and assortment to the grey tones.

3. Stone Veneers and Light Grey Paint Wall 


Aside from avoiding plainness, textures affect mood, catch attention, and add depth. That’s why many people are hooked, so if you’re one of them, this type of design best suits you. The lightness of the stone veneers and grey perfectly blends with the dark sense of black. 

As you can see, there’s a great balance with all the colors, which assist in accentuating the place. Also, even though it’s a one-story house, you can still see layers and divisions.

4. Taupe Grey Walls With Black Siding Highlights 


Going for a darker earth tone gives a slight warming advantage compared to plain dark colors. It will make your house more inviting yet sophisticated. Moreover, this idea consists of a wall color between brown and grey. According to design professionals, taupe shade is an ideal backdrop for textures or accents. 

Meanwhile, the black sidings add elegance to the house’s overall exterior. It is not overpowering and is just embedded to produce the right amount of focus on window details. 

5. Stone Grey Wall And Darker Roof and Trim


The natural grey color of the stone, matched with black trim and roof, showcases royalty and expensiveness. There is not much variation here; only two solid colors are widely used. However, the stone details, door siding patterns, and natural textures of the materials make it appealing and classy. 

Also, the window sidings help create horizontal layering to make the house look bigger and more spacious. Meanwhile, the overall house’s coating perfectly blends with nature’s color. 

6. Classic Grey Side-by-Side With Cream-colored Wall 


The cream and grey combination creates great layering and separation. So, if you’re into the idea of two houses merged into one, it can be a great design for you. 

Though both dominant colors can be considered neutral, they still send a contrasting finish. However, you can’t feel the opposing aura in the design because the black trim harmoniously connects each detail.

7. Single Tone Grey With Touch of Mahogany


The final design idea on the list is an exterior that perfectly blends with nature. It stands out as one color that dominates the exterior, especially when surrounded by huge trees. The slight touch of mahogany color also adds a cozy effect to the house. 

So, if you have a rest house that needs polishing, you can consider this design for that. 

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