bold red dark grey house

Bold Red and Dark Grey

The red and gray color combination creates a striking and timeless look. Matching a dark gray roof with the red siding creates a contrast that elevates the log cabin against the landscape.

White trim brings out the windows and porch railings, while the french beige adds more punctuation to the log cabin’s elements. In addition, the olive green spotlights the cabin’s front door and front porch stairs. 

clay log cabin

Potters Clay, Natural Grey, and Grayish Turquoise

A natural grey on a potter clay-colored log siding creates a contrast that coordinates well and makes the log cabin look dated. The gray roof also grabs the attention without overpowering.

In addition, the greyish turquoise door adds more accent and makes the focal feature of the log cabin eye-catching.

Umber, Grey, and Pine Tone log cabin

Umber, Grey, and Pine Tone

The dark brown color like umber for the log siding creates a rustic and traditional log cabin style. However, matching the brown log siding with the grey roof with blue undertones makes the cabin’s exterior look less bland. 

In addition, the pine tone for the cabin railing gives attention to the front door and the entryway.

Purple taupe and Red Cedar

Purple taupe and Red Cedar

The combination of purple and cedar produces a prominent and contemporary look. The purple taupe roof contrasts with the red cedar log siding, making the roof pop up while boosting the log cabin’s curb appeal.

In addition, painting the bottom part the same color as the roof creates a unified look.

Medium Jungle Green and Golden Honey Cedar log cabin

Medium Jungle Green and Golden Honey Cedar

The medium jungle green log siding and door produce a cool and contemporary look. In addition, using the golden honey cedar highlights the front porch railings and staircase. 

Overall, the color combination creates an earthy tone that blends well into the forest while also making the log cabin pop up in the snow-covered ground.

Light Taupe, Black, and Timber Green log cabin

Light Taupe, Black, and Timber Green

Using solid black for the door and timber green for the windows accentuates the log cabin’s elements. The light taupe color for the exterior also allows the cabin to blend with nature harmoniously. The earthy tones create a calming appeal perfect for the wilderness.

Golden Honey Cedar log house

Golden Honey Cedar

The golden honey cedar for the log siding provides a warm and welcoming look. The exterior color also creates a traditional cabin style with cohesiveness. The stone at the bottom part of the log cabin also adds accent and texture to the overall appeal. In addition, the green trim highlights the cabin’s roof contours. 

Chestnut Wood and Red log cabin

Chestnut Wood and Red

Chesnut wood stain color for the log cabin exterior brings a traditional look and helps it blend with the surrounding landscape. Using a warmer shade of brown on the trim adds texture and interest to the roofline and other architectural features. Adding red for accents also highlights the fixtures. 


Persian Green, Charcoal Grey, and Chestnut Wood

The Persian green Introducing a striking pop of color like Persian green adds personality and makes the roof stand out against the wooded landscape. Using chestnut wood stain for the log siding provides a traditional look, and the golden honey trim accentuates the window.

In addition, the charcoal grey with white trim complements the log cabin’s exterior color palette. 

Dark-Grey-and-Timber-Green- log cabin

Dark Grey and Timber Green

Painting the log cabin siding dark grey makes the exterior stand out visually. The neutral tones create a rustic look with a cool atmosphere. A touch of timber green for the trim highlights the windows and complements the log cabin to blend well with the forest.  

In addition, the dark grey color elevates the log cabin from the white snow-covered ground.

dark oak and white color house

Two-Tone Neutral

The dark oak and white color provide a two-tone hue with a rustic wooden look for the log cabin exterior. The greyish-brown roof shingle also adds contrast for a more prominent look and helps blend with the surrounding foliage. 

In addition, the stone chimney adds texture and accent to the log cabin’s exterior look.

front of Peanut Brown and Macaroon Yellow house

Peanut Brown and Macaroon Yellow

The peanut brown for the log siding and roof creates a cohesive contemporary look that fuses perfectly with the flowering and wooded landscape. Introducing a pop of color like macaroon yellow for the trim and door draws attention to the windows and spotlights the door. The bright hue also makes the details appear crisp and more vibrant.

Old Brick and Oslo Grey home

Old Brick and Oslo Grey

Matching old brick red for the log siding and trim makes the log cabin stand out and blend nicely with nature at the same time. The Oslo grey roof sets the undertone for the red log siding while improving the curb appeal of the log cabin.

Two-Tone Grey and Dark Brown cabin

Two-Tone Grey and Dark Brown

Pairing the two-tone grey, Oslo Grey and Pastel Grey, with a multi-toned roof shingle creates a cohesive, neutral color scheme. The shades of grey and white trim provide the classic style with a crisp and clean appeal. In addition, the dark brown color draws the eyes towards door, the entryway.

Aluminum-Grey-and-Off-White cabin

Aluminum Grey and Off White

The aluminum grey roof complements while also highlighting the off-white log siding. The gray and white combination creates a neutral palette that blends perfectly and creates a sense of symmetry. The greyish turquoise windows add a pop of color and the flower beds add a more dramatic style.

Grey-Olive-and-Mahogany house

Grey Olive and Mahogany

Grey olive for the roof and dormer windows creates a unified, one-note look and allows the log cabin to blend well with the surrounding landscape. The mahogany log siding below provides a warm and welcoming look and accentuates the cabin’s focal element, the front door and porch.

Light Mauve, Rosy Brown, and Off-White cabin

Light Mauve, Rosy Brown, and Off-White

The rosy brown and off-white siding provides a striking and contemporary look that is eye-catching. The light mauve roof complements and helps bring out the log cabin’s exterior color. Introducing the color mustard for the porch railings and staircase add accent and an excellent definition to the cabin’s architectural details. 

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