Staying on trend with interior design doesn’t have to be tricky. With simple design trends your home can be visually appealing with minimal effort. So, what can you do? From bold accent colors to full draperies, there are many options to upgrade the style of your home. Read on to find a few interior design trends that will make a statement in your home!

Interior Design Trends That Makes A Difference

1. Curtains

The window coverings in each room of your home can make a statement, be it with color, pattern or fabric choice. In your main living areas, choose to place your draperies up to the ceiling or higher than the windows to create a dramatic effect. Let the fabric pool at the bottom for a luxury look or use a stunning pattern to draw the eye. There are so many choices for curtains that you can easily find new ones and hang replacements whenever your design tastes or trends change.

2. Throw Pillows and Blankets

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A great way to use accents as a statement piece is with throw pillows and blankets. Such elements can create a cozy atmosphere. Drape a lovely plush blanket over your sitting area, but also use it to cover up when needed. The texture should be implemented here with fluffy fabrics or ribbed texture on throw pillows. Such items can add another dimension to your overall room design. 

3. Distressed Hardwood Flooring

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The flooring is one of the first elements of a room that guests will see. Adding distressed hardwood flooring not only makes a statement but is on trend. The rustic farmhouse look is heavily desired in homes. By adding this flooring type you will create a lovely look for the main feature of your space. Choose from dark to light wood tones or consider a gray wood depending on the design you wish to achieve. 

4. Bold Accent Colors

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Add interest to your space by choosing bold accent colors. When you have a neutral palette, such as with your walls and furnishings, bold accents can provide a pop of color and bring the entire look together. Today, several bold colors are on trend, especially jewel tones. Hunter green, deep purple, and pinks all look lovely as accent colors and can create a visual pop when needed.

5. Wall Art 

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Add trendy style to the walls of your home by choosing unique wall art. Easily add a piece to the main wall of your living area or small pieces in the kitchen to draw the eye. Wall art comes in many forms, from prints and paintings to ironwork. Find your style by viewing several different types, adding a variety of pieces to your home! 

These are just a few suggestions as to how you can simply add trendy touches to your home that make a statement. If you’re unsure how to stage your home or add the finishing touches to a room, contact an interior design professional for insights into spacing, style, colors, and more.

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