Staying trendy with interior design can feel like a never-ending task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

    With a few simple interior design ideas, you can make the inside of your home visually appealing and have a modern feel with minimal effort. From bold accent colors to draperies to flooring, many options exist to upgrade your home’s style and keep up with today’s design trends.

    Read our list of interior design trends that make a statement in your home.


    Window coverings in each room make a statement, whether with color, pattern, style, or fabric choice. In your main living areas, place draperies higher than the windows — or at the ceiling — to create a dramatic effect. If you’re looking for more noticeable changes, let the fabric pool at the bottom for a look of luxury, or use a stunning curtain pattern to draw the eye.

    You have so many choices of curtains on the market. You can easily find new ones and hang replacements whenever your tastes change.

    Another tip: Layer sheer curtains behind your main drapes. Sheers softly filter light and give better privacy.

    Pay attention to textures and fabrics when selecting curtains. Velvet and linen create a rich look, while breezy cotton evokes a relaxed vibe. You can make a statement with new curtain hardware if you want something subtle. Look for eye-catching finials, bold metal rods, or wooden posts to provide more flare.

    bedroom with modern curtains

    Throw Pillows and Blankets

    A smart way to use accent pieces is with throw pillows and blankets. These elements create a cozy atmosphere, but they’re also easily changeable. You can drape a plush blanket over your sitting area and use it to cover up when needed. If you want to add an extra element to your style, look for blankets with fluffy fabrics or ribbed textures on throw pillows. Differing textures add another dimension to your overall room design.

    throw pillows an blankets on a bed

    Don’t be afraid to play with colors, patterns, and textures for throw pillows and blankets. Contrast solid pillows with boldly patterned blankets for visual interest, and vice versa.

    Mix different fabrics like velvet, cotton, linen, and chenille for more depth. Place pillows in complementary colors next to each other to get a bolder look. It yields a confident color-blocked effect.

    Also consider the size of your throw pillows. Oversized square pillows make more of a statement compared to standard-sized pillows. As a bonus, swap out pillow covers whenever you want an instant refresh.

    Distressed Hardwood Flooring

    Home flooring is one of the first parts of a room that guests notice, making it one of the most important elements of home design. Distressed hardwood flooring delivers a major makeover if you want to switch things up. Adding distressed flooring makes a statement and is an increasingly popular trend. 

    The rustic farmhouse look is a classic. Adding it you can create a lovely aesthetic for your living space. Choose light, dark or gray wood flooring types, depending on your desired look.

    You can also distress new hardwood floors or refinish existing floors to get a worn, vintage appearance. Wire brushing, which uses a special brush to lightly scrape the floor, will distress new floors. Another option is to indent wood floors with a chisel.

    For a reclaimed look, have boards of varying lengths and widths installed. Finally, you can finish distressed hardwood floors with a stain for deeper character.

    distressed hardwood floor

    Proper installation ensures your distressed hardwood flooring has an authentic look and maintains structural integrity. Hire a professional to assess your subfloor, install the flooring, and finish it properly. They have the skills and tools to mimic a distressed floor resembling reclaimed antique wood.

    Bold Accent Colors

    Bold accent colors give off an exciting refresh, even for you as a homeowner. When you have a neutral palette, common with walls and furnishings, bold accents deliver a pop and bring the entire look together. In today’s design climate, several bold colors are trendy, especially jewel tones. Hunter green, deep purple, and shades of pink all work as accent colors, creating a visual spark.

    Used strategically throughout a home, bold colors draw the eye and deliver a note of consistency.

    bold accent wall in a bedroom

    To create depth and contrast, paint a focal wall or accent wall in a bold hue. If that’s too much, upgrade lamp shades or other decor accessories in bold colors. They give an instant style upgrade.

    Instead of painting the walls in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, add a bold color through changeable items like curtains, dish towels, or appliances. These replaceable items let you modify your home’s look as trends change.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    A word of caution: Steer clear of overly bright neons, which can feel harsh. When in doubt, deep, saturated accent colors work best for creating an inviting atmosphere.

    Wall Art

    Through unique wall art, you can add trendy styles to interior walls without drastically renovating. Add one piece to the main wall of your living area for a bold look, or place small pieces in the kitchen to subtly draw the eye. Remember, wall art comes in many forms, from prints and paintings to ironwork. Find your ideal style by browsing local artists’ work on social media. Look at several art mediums.

    Odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing when arranging wall art than even numbers. Hang three to five pieces in a grouping for a balanced aesthetic, but don’t overload walls with too much art — negative space is important too. 

    Place art at eye level for ideal viewing, but feel free to break the rules when it makes sense. Art is subjective. In my own experience, thinking creatively brings something new and exciting.

    woman hanging a picture frame

    However, scale your wall art appropriately to the wall size. Oversized pieces make more of a statement, but they can be too flashy for some homeowners. Layer artwork with floating shelves or console tables below to create a gallery wall effect. Remember, wall sculptures, shadow boxes, and large mirrors are art. Feel free to mix and match these elements to create the visual impact you want in your home.

    Following interior design trends can give your home a stylish, updated look with minimal effort. Small additions like throw blankets and wall art make inexpensive, yet high-impact, upgrades. Larger investments like flooring and window treatments change the whole aesthetic of a room, but they also take more time and money.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    The key is to incorporate trends in ways that fit your taste. Not every trend will appeal to you, so focus on timeless classics like hardwood flooring in natural wood tones rather than bright color fads that quickly fade. Add accents sparingly to give your home character without marrying it to one trend or era.

    Also, work within your budget and tackle projects in stages. Updating window coverings might be Phase 1. Then you can save up to tackle new flooring next. 

    Combining a few popular interior design trends creates a cohesive, fashionable look that feels fresh and inviting. It can be intimidating to make bold changes, but don’t be afraid to give your home an extra dose of personality.

    FAQs About Interior Design Trends

    What are some of the most popular interior design trends right now?

    Some current design trends include neutral color palettes, natural materials and textures, bold accent colors, gallery walls, and distressed wood finishes. The farmhouse style is still strong after decades because of its classic look, while black metal accents and brass finishes have become more popular recently.

    How often should I update my home's interior design?

    It’s best to avoid updating every room in your home every time trends shift. Focus on classic styles and well-made furniture as your basis, then incorporate trends through less permanent items like throw pillows, rugs, and wall art. You can plan for major changes every five to 10 years, but remember that classics never go out of style.

    Where can I find inspiration for interior design trends?

    Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest showcase interior designs from influencers, brands, and imaginative everyday homeowners. Home decor magazines also show off new collections and style ideas. For a hands-on approach, tour model homes or visit furniture showrooms.

    What is the most cost-effective way to incorporate trends?

    Small decor accessories like throw blankets, pillows, lamps, and wall art can add trendy style at little cost. If you want to renovate affordably, look for discounted items or DIY projects. Repurposing furniture, painting built-ins a new color, and reupholstering chairs are other budget-friendly options for on-trend upgrades. Focusing on one room at a time can also keep costs low as you slowly give your home a fresh look.

    How do I choose timeless vs. trendy pieces?

    When weighing timeless accent pieces vs. trendy pieces, opt for versatile, high-quality items like sofas and dining sets in classic silhouettes and neutral hues. Then use accents like throw pillows and rugs to infuse more trend-specific styles. Avoid purchasing unique statement pieces at high prices that may go out of fashion later. Instead, prioritize long-lasting pieces you know you’ll love for years.

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