Interior design trends often come and go with little attention from the public. Most people don’t redecorate that often, so they don’t spend time thinking about emerging trends. That could change during 2023, though, because so many people have been locked in their homes during the quarantine. When you’ve spent a year staring at the same boring wall, interior design becomes essential.

If you’re tired of your home’s interior design, consider using these four trends for 2023.

Expect Bold Colors and Creative Designs

Architectural Digest believes that interior designers will embrace bold colors and creative designs for 2023. Everyone has spent a year avoiding risk, so it makes sense that they would express themselves in the safety of their homes.

You have plenty of opportunities to add color to your home. Pillows can add splashes of color to chairs and sofas. Flowers and their vases can also provide a pop of color that brightens an otherwise dull room.

For a truly bold move, change the color of a wall. Luckily, you don’t have to commit to painting, which takes a long time and is hard to cover when you want a new color. Peel-and-stick wallpaper gives you an affordable, easy way to change your walls. You won’t believe the variety of styles available online. You can opt for bright checkers, an underwater scene, a field of flowers, or a wall of pink flamingos.

Once you tire of the peel-and-stick wallpaper, you can remove and replace it with a new design.

Reclaimed Wood Floors Mix Textures and Colors

Reclaimed wood offers several benefits that appeal to homeowners in 2023. When you choose reclaimed wood floors, you get:

  • A unique style too complicated for companies to manufacture affordably.
  • An environmentally friendly way to decorate your home that doesn’t involve cutting down more trees or using harmful chemicals.
  • A long-lasting hardness that you don’t get from newer wood.

Of course, people have used reclaimed wood for centuries. It makes sense to reuse wood when possible. During 2023, though, you will probably see something that hasn’t happened very often before: mixing reclaimed wood from multiple sources.

When you mix reclaimed wood sources, you get to create interesting textures and color combinations. You will probably need to spend a little more buying and installing several types of wood. In return, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind floor that you will cherish for decades. No one will ever feel tempted to carpet that room.

Some Things—Like Comfort—Never Go Out of Style

You don’t need to worry about the design trends of 2023 stealing comfort from your home. People know that they will still need to spend several more months inside before a coronavirus vaccine makes it safe for them to mingle in public, again. When interior designers find themselves stuck at home, they quickly remember the importance of comfort.

Expect to see a lot of old favorites become stylish again. Since 2020, the Sactional by Lovesac has been recognized as one of the best sectional sofas because of its exceptional comfort and removable covers. The removable covers make it possible for you to get the couch in hundreds of colors and textures. Plus, you don’t have to worry about frequent use getting the couch dirty.

Other popular sectional couches to consider include:

  • Heidi Reversible Sectional from Allmodern, which has a sleek, modernist style as well as a very affordable price.
  • Harris Sleep Sectional by West Elm, which comes in nearly 100 fabrics and gives you exceptional comfort for sitting and sleeping.
  • The Trouper Sectional by La-Z-Boy, which has all of the plush cushioning that you expect from La-Z-Boy furniture.

Home Offices Get a Lot of Love

Now that so many people spend at least part of their week working from home, households pay more attention to the interior designs of their home offices. Not too long ago, you could ignore your home office. You used it when you had a tight deadline or during your industry’s busy season, but you never gave much thought to its design. No one else even saw the room unless you used it to hold coats during parties.

Now, people spend 20 hours or more per week in their home offices. Plus, other people see the room when you have videoconferences.

The home office is about to get a lot of love in 2023. Some improvements you can expect include:

  • Minimalist interior designs that help workers focus and avoid clutter.
  • Hidden storage compartments that make it easy to organize documents as they accumulate.
  • Ergonomic chairs and desks that improve productivity and posture.
  • Small pops of color that add energy to the room.
  • Antique bookshelves used to display mementos as well as books.
  • Lamps designed for specific functions, such as directing light onto a desk surface for writing and writing or providing gentle illumination that looks like indirect sunlight.


Nothing has influenced interior design trends of 2023 as much as quarantines. Home has become the place where many people work as well as relax. That shift has changed the way that households think about furniture and decorations. It may take years before these trends fade.

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