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The Art of Preservation

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Preservation is a strong theme in our May/June issue. The magnificent and unique “house that Teco built“ looks virtually the same as when it was new, thanks to heroic efforts by a preservation-minded owner and architect. A house by Colonial Revival architect Royal Barry Wills, well-preserved by its designer-owner today, gets a sympathetic kitchen that complements the house rather than following today’s trends (p. 60). The owners of the 1732 farmhouse not only preserved the structure but also added period garden rooms and outbuildings.

Our restore article on flooring repairs emphasizes salvaging what is already there. As always, preservation of a streetscape and neighborhood is addressed, albeit with gallows humor, on the “Remuddling“ page.

Every May, with the National Trust leading the way, preservation groups, historical societies, and related businesses bring focus to our country’s diverse heritage by celebrating National Historic Preservation Month. At a national level, coverage usually extends to civic projects, Main Street revitalization, Congressional tax initiatives, and state programs. We think that individual homeowners, however, deserve credit for a major, collective impact. It is the long-term, ongoing, privately financed rescue of millions of houses over many decades that preserves buildings, neighborhoods, and towns so that history may be read in three dimensions.

Since our first tissue, in 1973, OHJ’s coverage of DIY conservation and repair, historical design, and period-inspired work has fostered a steady praise of old houses-as embodied energy, as a tangible record of the past, and as an opportunity to live with history and maintain the local sense of place. This month, we step up coverage through social media and exclusive web content, with the participation of like-minded sponsors. Take time to walk around your historic districts or stay at a historic hotel. Learn about the National Trust and its programs at

~ Patricia Poore, Editor-in-chief, Old House Journal

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