Super Bowl Sunday wouldn’t be Super Bowl Sunday without an unforgettable halftime performance and the 2020 performance will be no exception. Because all of America is watching, the halftime performance is a tradition that’s designed to be the pinnacle of shows for anyone that performs. For the first time in Super Bowl history America gets to watch the two Hispanic pop icons, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Since America openly picks their NFL team to root for at the big game, we wanted to find out which performer America would choose as their favorite. Our team surveyed over 4,000 people asking the question, “Who are you more excited to watch at the superbowl – Shakira or JLo?” Here’s what we found:

Main Findings

The results were interesting and they show that America clearly loves both stars. With Miami, Florida being the location of this year’s Super Bowl, the data is clear that JLo will be welcomed with open arms. Overall, the votes were close. Jennifer Lopez won votes in 25 states, versus Shakira winning votes in 21 states, and four tied.

We were surprised most west coast states voted for Shakira, whereas JLo was voted by many of the midwest and north central states, with the exception of the states that tied, Montana and Kansas. The east coast is a bit varied, with ties in South Carolina, New Hampshire, and New York.

We were also curious if the results varied for men and women. Here are the results.

The men’s results were shockingly in support of Shakira—winning the hearts of men in 32 states. JLo was voted in 14 states, and there were four states left with a tie.

On the other hand, women in 30 states are more excited to see JLo perform. Shakira was voted for in 15 states, and votes were tied in five states.

Here’s a different view of the votes.

Overall, America is clearly excited about both performers. 52.41% of votes were for JLo, and 47.59% of votes were for Shakira. And when you’re not looking at each state individually, the votes from men and women are actually pretty close. For men, it was nearly a 50/50 split—50.74% of votes were for Shakira, and 49.26% of votes were for JLo. For women, JLo won 55.67% of votes, whereas Shakira won 44.33% of votes.

Whoever you’re more excited to see, it’s no secret that these two will be iconic when performing together. Don’t worry about eating all of your appetizers during the first half, because Shakira and JLo will be ready to wake you up and get you excited for the rest of the game.

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We surveyed 4,118 Americans in January 2020 asking them who they are more excited to see perform at the Super Bowl halftime show: Shakira or Jennifer Lopez. The survey respondents were not limited to specific demographics. 48.1% of respondents were women, 51% were men, and 0.9% preferred not to say. We estimate the margin of error at 1%.

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