Farmhouse dining rooms are all the rage right now, and for a good reason – they’re cozy, charming, and perfect for family gatherings. If you’re thinking of giving your dining room a farmhouse makeover, one of the first things you’ll need to do is choose a chair rail style. We’ve compiled 7 of our favorite chair rail ideas for farmhouse dining rooms to inspire you in this post. Let’s take a look!

1. Classic Chair Rail Design Matching Wainscoting Moulding


Add depth and interest to the room by installing a matching chair rail and wainscoting moulding that contrast with the wall’s color and the panel. Pair the classic chair rail and wainscoting moulding with baseboards for a sophisticated look and feel. Farmhouse style embraces natural elements, so keep it simple with this understated design. You can create an elegant and timeless look in your dining room with just a few trim pieces. 

Installing a matching chair rail and wainscoting is a great way to add an extra dimension to your walls while also protecting them from scuffs and scratches. A dining room with this chair rail idea is an easy way to add character to your farmhouse dining room!

2. Chic Dining Room With Chair Rail as Shelf Paired With Board and Batten Wainscoting


This area is ideal for a dining room with an old-world vibe. The contrasting colors in the kitchen and dining room are Farrow & Ball colors from the floor to the old Windsor chairs to the ceiling. The designers constructed the table in Portugal out of live-edge cork wood and brass. On the table are Serax bud vases. The vases provide a modest centerpiece for a dinner party or a casual supper with friends.

The photo above is one side of the room with the wall painted with a light gray color, matching the top ledge shelf as chair rail added above the board and batten wainscoting. 

3. Use Chair Rail Contrasting Panel Moulding


This farmhouse dining room’s white chair rail moulding contrasts with the bold gold panel moulding on the walls. It also breaks up the expanse of the wall, making the space feel more inviting. A few well-chosen accents, such as the trim pieces and decoration, elevates the simple design. This design idea can make your dining room a favorite spot for family gatherings and celebrations. 

4. White Chair Rail and Panel Matching Coffered Ceiling


This farmhouse-style dining room features light brown tones, a coffered ceiling, and a white chair rail matching wainscoting to lightly contrast the light brown wall. The crystal chandelier provides the perfect amount of light for gatherings. This space would be perfect for hosting family dinners or holiday gatherings. Thanks to the open floor plan, this space feels more extensive than it is. 

Farmhouse-style homes are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their rustic charm and cozy feel. If you are looking for a way to add some character to your home, consider adopting the farmhouse style.

5. Farmhouse Dining Room With a Bay Window and Angular Ceiling


The design of this farmhouse dining room with bay window and chair rail is outstanding. The white chair rail paired with wainscoting adds a touch of elegance. The wooden table matches the wood floor and adds to the rustic feel. This country-style dining room has an inviting atmosphere that will make you want to stay for dinner!

6. Add Industrial Character to Your Dining Room


If you`re looking for a way to add an industrial touch of character and warmth to your dining room, this farmhouse dining room style is a perfect choice. This look features simple wooden furniture and accessories combined with simple details of the bare wooden chair rail molding. 

Above is a design idea of a chair rail capping the matching bare wooden shiplap wainscoting with an industrial and modern interior in Cracow, Poland. The beadboard planks wainscoting matches the wooden flooring, wooden chairs, and table. The lamp features a modern poster in a frame on the wall next to it.

7. Farmhouse Dining Room With a Seasonal Touch


This farmhouse dining room features dark green walls with an old dark brown hardwood table and vintage black seats. The ornate gold mirrors are the perfect finishing touch. When it comes to chair rail ideas, wainscotting is always a popular choice. 

If you want to add a unique twist, consider making the beadboard wainscotting white to contrast with the dark wall. The color contrast will create a stunning visual effect. You can also use dried foliage and fake pumpkins to decorate the space for a seasonal touch. A capped wainscotting installation helps avoid an apparent seam between the beadboard wanscoting and the wall, and the designer used chair rail molding to cover it.

Farmhouse dining rooms are a great way to add character and comfort to your home. By using chair rail molding, you can create a unique look that is perfect for your family and friends. We hope these ideas have helped you design the farmhouse dining room of your dreams. What other elements would you like to see in this type of space? Let us know in the comments below.

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