Gray is becoming a more popular color choice for homeowners. The color is an option that can give a space impact without overwhelming it. As the gray paint trend shows no signs of stopping, consider it for your next DIY home painting project. Read on to see my top seven picks for dark gray paint and find the perfect match for your home’s aesthetic, both inside and out.

    1. Sherwin-Williams Sensible Hue SW 6198

    Sherwin-Williams Sensible Hue SW 6198 is a popular neutral gray-green paint color you can use almost anywhere in your home. This versatile tone creates a sleek, modern look, while yellow undertones give it a warm, welcoming feel.

    neutral gray-green paint color
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    Sensible Hue SW 6198 is ideal if you want a gray that doesn’t seem too cold. The warmer undertones prevent it from feeling too dreary and provide plenty of sophistication without giving it an ominous effect.

    You can use Sensible Hue SW 6198 in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and more. It works especially well with white trim or wood tones. The shade is dark enough to make a statement, but it’s also light enough to highlight furnishings and architecture.

    2. Behr Intergalactic N450-5

    For a sophisticated dark gray that makes a statement, consider Behr Intergalactic N450-5. This medium shade has a rich blue undertone that feels more powerful and regal than it does somber, making it a great choice for a bolder aesthetic.

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    You can use Intergalactic N450-5 in modern, transitional, or traditional spaces. The blue undertone complements materials such as chrome, glass, and wood tones beautifully.

    Intergalactic N450-5 is available in several sheens. With minimal prep, you can apply this color to accent walls or entire rooms, although this shade may require an extra coat for ideal coverage.

    3. Behr Falcon Gray PPU26-04

    For farmhouses or traditional homes, Behr Falcon Gray PPU26-04 is a perfect, elegant choice. This tone is particularly saturated without becoming overpowering, giving it a classic appeal that layers any space with a dignified aesthetic.

    You can use Falcon Gray as an accent wall or on all walls in a room. On exteriors, it gives homes a polished, sophisticated look. Inside, it creates a striking backdrop to highlight architectural details and furnishings.

    Falcon Gray works well in satin or semi-gloss sheens. While satin has a velvety softness that feels inviting, semi-gloss offers plenty of shine to highlight trim work and clean lines. Both options retain the color’s dignified, lilac-toned aesthetic.

    4. Dutch Boy Whale’s Tail 430-6DB

    Another contemporary dark gray option is Dutch Boy Whale’s Tail 430-6DB. This rich color brings shades of blue to balance the gray’s deep tone, giving homes an elegant, current look.

    Use Coal Blue on exteriors if you want a clean, modern refresh. For interiors, it works best in modern, transitional, or contemporary spaces. It pairs well with varied materials to create a customized aesthetic.

    Unlike some darker grays, Coal Blue has an approachable cool tone that remains inviting at all times of the day. The tones shift from blue slate to charcoal depending on lighting, adding visual interest.

    5. Kelly-Moore Paints KM5826 Volcanic Rock

    Homeowners wanting an earthy dark gray should consider Kelly-Moore Paints KM5826 Volcanic Rock. This nature-inspired shade incorporates warm brown undertones for a grounded look.

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    Exteriors gain a textural sophistication from Volcanic Rock’s tones, while interiors feel welcoming due to the color’s polish. You can pair it with metals and stone for a sleek aesthetic.

    This shade complements homes from traditional farmhouses to contemporary spaces. It has enough depth to highlight details without overwhelming rooms or furnishings, and its warmth pairs nicely with cool, bright accent colors.

    6. Kelly-Moore Paints KM4943 Subway

    Another organic option is the Kelly-Moore KM4943 Subway. This greenish-gray shade has lots of warmth from its yellow undertones. This earthiness adds sophistication or edge to any space it inhabits.

    Use Subway across different spaces and surfaces for a unified polish. It complements various materials like wood, metal, and stone without overwhelming them.

    Compared to deeper shades, Subway suits smaller spaces wanting color without darkness. It retains its richness with vibrancy, and its undertones shift from taupe to wheat depending on lighting.

    7. Kelly-Moore Paints KM4952 Pompeii Ruins

    History buffs will love the old-world charm of Kelly-Moore Paints KM4952 Pompeii Ruins. Named after the ancient Italian city, this saturated dark gray has an antique patina. Use it for spaces that invoke vintage ambiance.

    Pompeii Ruins has subtle green undertones for more warmth than true charcoal shades. The tones shift from dark green to cool slate depending on lighting, adding dimension to your home.

    The shade adapts across all styles, from industrial lofts to traditional homes. Exteriors gain European old-world charm that’s perfect for varied architecture. Inside, use it across all kinds of surfaces for a cohesive look in your home.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    Remember to test your paint before painting the entire wall. Instead of rushing in, paint a small section of your wall in your ideal color and see how it looks during different times of the day. When in doubt, ask friends and family for their opinions before deciding on a new wall color.

    So, Which Dark Gray Paint Color Should You Choose?

    With so many gorgeous options to pick from, choosing a gray paint color can feel overwhelming. If you’re having trouble deciding, first, consider your desired aesthetic. Keep in mind that warm-toned grays feel welcoming, while cool-toned grays appear sophisticated.

    Room lighting also impacts your paint’s appearance. Small, dim rooms may need lighter shades, while large, well-lit rooms can handle deeper tones. Testing paint samples at varied times shows how your lighting will affect the undertones. It also helps to get input from friends to gain an added set of eyes on your color choices. 

    FAQs About Gray Paint Colors

    What are the most popular gray paint colors?

    Read this list to see some of the most popular paint gray paint colors, including Sherwin-Williams Sensible Hue, Behr Falcon Gray, and Kelly-Moore Paints Volcanic Rock.

    What colors complement dark gray exteriors?

    Dark gray exteriors beautifully pair with crisp white trim work. Also, consider navy, black, charcoal, and sage green as accent colors. Keep in mind that darker colors absorb more sunlight and will fade faster, lowering your exterior paint job life span.

    How do I choose an undertone?

    Consider aesthetics and practical factors when choosing undertones. Warm brown grays feel more welcoming, while cool blue and green grays seem sophisticated. Cool-toned grays show less dirt, which is helpful for homes with kids or pets.

    What paint sheen should I use?

    Most designers recommend glossy or satin sheens for exteriors as they resist weather and dirt. For interiors, choose a finish based on room use. Eggshell and satin work for living spaces, while semi-gloss suits kitchens, baths, and kids’ rooms. Be sure to test sheens before painting a whole wall.

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