Looking for exterior wall paint may be a daunting and complex task for many. Choosing from various shades and tones can be time-consuming. It would be a fierce struggle to pick one specific color theme for your exterior wall since this is the particular area of your home most would immediately take notice of.

Every color portrays different emotions. Color psychology in houses occupies a massive role in the design process of a house and elevating it by adding decorative elements is crucial. Contributing factors like a home’s design style and its location should always be taken into consideration.

The color blue is inevitably associated with positivity and relaxation, that’s why many homeowners opt to choose this shade for their exterior walls. White represents a versatile color for wall trimming, its capability to blend thoroughly with almost any color makes it an ideal match for blue houses. Check out these 13 Blue House with White Trim Ideas that will surely inspire you for your home exterior design. 


This deep blue house with white trim exudes elegance with its pronounced outlining detail. The combination of vertical siding paired with wall shingles as part of the exterior finishing display a balanced harmony between these two distinct materials. Stones that accent the windows and columns is one way to add texture to the facade. A blue exterior house and white trimming can turn out charmingly with a well-thought landscape layout. Keystones can also be applied on gable roofs to break the horizontal lining of the white trimming and fascia board. 


This light blue residential home elicits a comfortable and cozy exterior. Emphasizing the different components of a house like its openings by adding white trimming is an effective way of bringing interest and aesthetics. Dormer windows were decorated with white flat stock trim which emphasizes the windows from the roof. Garage doors can also be installed with white trim to add attractiveness even at the most unexpected places.


Make a house look more sophisticated by installing white Colonial trim and pairing it with a set of classic Gooseneck handrails. This type of white trim makes the windows flare out at the bottom and add as a decorative element that matches the washed-out blue siding. A Queen Anne-style home that was the product of the First Industrial Age is known to utilize decorative trim as part of its facade feature. Brown fascia board complements well the white and blue theme of this house and makes the sidings’ color more pronounced. 


This miniature house with its midnight blue look conveys a modest and cozy home. Shaping the windows on both sides with white trimming detail creates an appealing look that is both crisp and clean. Two robust columns grace the porch and deliver a decorative accent on its façade. The exterior white casing of the front door completes the architectural details of this warm house. Complementing the white-encased windows with the natural look of wooden flower ledges completes the look of this house design. A protruding porch makes for the perfect installation of exterior white trimming. 


Break the look of an otherwise plain blue facade by incorporating white decorative elements like this house. It’s choice of minimal colors of blue and white with a touch of brown makes the house look crisper. Adding touches of colors in a home will generate a lively appearance and will make a home look homier and inviting. Make your porch look grand by adding wide and flaring steps and installing a white wooden handrail that complements the blue wall sidings. The french windows are also accentuated by the white trim. 


Achieving a coastal look in a home can be done through simple methods – designing with the basics and using complementary colors. White and blue go well together and can create a refreshing look. The white trim helps define the features of this house, with its plain yet inviting fascia board that helps block the water from penetrating the roof attic. Having both a decorative trim and fascia in a home will help in producing a finished look while simultaneously creating a protective barrier for your house. The sky blue color of the exterior walls can bode visually well especially in tropical places. 


While exterior trimming may be popular mostly in American traditional houses, it can also be applied in various design styles like this Modern Greek house that features white trim around its windows and doors. Upgrade the look of your unique Greek home by adding details to its decorative trimming around the porch making the design look more distinctive and fun. An ultra blue paint for the exterior walls of a house brings out a feeling of relaxation and serenity and can be adapted into resort villas and vacation homes. This azure blue paint looks striking and gives the walls a smooth finish. 


This sophisticated traditional house with the intricate white trimming detail of the multiple gable roof creates a statement of Architectural history. The long stair with white painted wood handrail grace the front porch making the house look taller and grand that seamlessly blends with the trim work of the exterior. This notable Victorian-like style blue house with its elaborate spindlework and decorative white trim ensures a timeless and classic look. The pale blue wall color and steep pitch of the roof subtly add to the complexity of the look.


There could be a lot of hesitation in incorporating blue on exterior walls for traditional houses, because of its reputation of being a contemporary color. But this house design proves that blue is timeless and can be incorporated in almost any design style of any era. With its royal blue color and white trimming design boosted by violet wall siding, the accent gives this home character through its variety and contrast of colors. 


A dainty-looking navy blue home with a gambrel-type roof bordered by a white trim shows an approach in creating a streamlined design that generates a defining character to its exterior. Making a home look more pronounced by applying moldings around the opening of windows and doors effectively brings out the visual appeal making it more inviting. While outdoor landscape surroundings add value to a home, it also allows control of storm runoff and drainage.  


White cottage-style trim can help create a cohesive facade design, making the exterior look bright and crisp. Balancing the colors of blue and white provide an excellent contrast with each other. This shade of blue which is an ocean color will emanate a sense of calm, relaxation and peace to its occupants. This subtle type of trim design is more suitable for farmhouse design houses and will fit well in rural areas. 


Enhancing the look of an exterior of a home can be done through proper design. This home which exhibits multiple trimming outlines match its wide front porch that showcases a traditional American house. Thoughtful details embedded all over the space furnished with classic porch columns gives a dramatic feature of the facade. The white lighting post that matches the decorative trim becomes the focal point of the design. 


A wistful aqua blue exterior wall displays this coastal-inspired home with its white trimming and lime green accents. The moulding work on these designs outlines both the rectangular and circular windows. A blue and green wall combination is highly soothing and relaxing. It is significant to feature colors on a home that you would want to be the core theme of your house. Sun-washed tones give off a welcoming vibe and achieve an opulent ambience. 

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