It’s no secret that blue houses are uncommon, but the combination of blue and black is almost unheard of. Blue and black can be quite an unconventional pair, especially in architecture. This color combination works well in applications such as graphic design, fashion, and interior design, but it can be a big risk for home exteriors.

    To prove that this bold style risk can pay off, we’ve used our years of experience with home design to curate a list of seven blue homes with black exterior trim ideas that really work. The color combination works surprisingly well in a range of settings, from farmhouses to mid-century modern homes.

    1. A Dreamy Cobalt Blue Townhouse

    This old brick townhouse has transformed into a cobalt blue dream. Its plastering is painted a rich shade of cobalt blue, creating a monochromatic facade that captivates passersby.

    While it seems unconventional, it’s an interesting and eclectic take on classic brick apartments. The deep, rich shade of cobalt blue makes the home a neighborhood standout — modernizing the exterior and giving it a stylish, updated look.

    Cobalt blue is an intense, vivid shade that immediately catches the eye. Using it over the entire exterior creates a striking, cohesive appearance, making a bold statement and exhibiting the owner’s creativity.

    2. A Modern Cottage-Inspired Home in Pastel Blue

    This cottage-inspired modern home features shiplap accent walls painted in pastel blue accentuated with charcoal windows that stand out from the pastel facade. The soft, inviting blue evokes serenity and tranquility and provides an elegant contrast to the windows. 

    We love how the white brick and brown-hued shingles provide contrast to the overall look and feel of this house. The warm colors add a homey feel, complementing the cool powder blue. Thanks to the color scheme, this home gives off coastal vibes without an outdoor wraparound porch.

    The blue shiplap walls give this home an extra dose of visual interest, creating dimension on the facade and bringing out the textures of the wood siding. Overall, this home creatively incorporates trendy accent walls using an unexpected color combination.

    3. Mid-Century Modern Home in Navy Blue

    This simple mid-century modern home flaunts a contemporary look thanks to the navy blue and black color scheme — proving that blue and black work not only in fashion but also in architecture.

    While most mid-century modern homes feature warmer hues, this one takes on new life through paint that leans toward the cooler side of the color spectrum. The blue and black hues give the design a distinct, modern effect.

    Navy blue has an upscale, refined feel that elevates curb appeal when it’s the primary exterior color. It pops beautifully against the black accents while maintaining the mid-century style’s minimalist spirit. Overall, this color scheme creatively bridges classic and contemporary.

    4. A Black and Blue Bungalow

    This bungalow definitely stands out in the neighborhood with its dramatic black and blue pairing. The color scheme leans toward desaturated shades, creating a dark, monochromatic facade. While light siding with white or neutral trim is common for bungalows, this home boldly goes against the grain.

    For those wanting to modernize their bungalow and give it a bit of edge, this bold color scheme is worth considering. It channels the homeowners’ creativity and desire for an artistic, unique look. While this color pairing may not be for everyone, it’s an unexpected choice that can generate some serious curb appeal.

    5. An Unconventional Colonial Home in Sky Blue

    This classic colonial-style home takes on a cheerful, playful look through an eccentric baby blue paint job coupled with charcoal black trim. The cool gray asphalt shingles complement the baby blue walls, which take on an almost Tiffany-esque feel against the charcoal trim. 

    Colonials traditionally have a formal, stately aesthetic with a red brick or neutral exterior, but this home’s whimsical blue paint job lends a casual coastal style to the home. For homeowners wanting to break the colonial mold, this breezy scheme does so while maintaining the home’s essential charm.

    6. A Show-Stopping Aquamarine and Black Color Combination

    This black and aquamarine combination may not be for everyone, but it will definitely turn heads. It’s packed full of character and individuality for those who admire this unusual pairing.

    The vivid aquamarine is an intense, electric shade that immediately captures attention. It vibrates brightly against the black accents, with the roof and trim framing the house boldly. This envelope-pushing exterior color choice suits bold homeowners who want a showstopper.

    While some may see aquamarine as flashy, the right tone has an almost tropical appeal. For those seeking a dramatic exterior makeover, this blue and black combination can transform any home into a lively statement piece.

    7. An Interesting Mix of Royal Blue and Black

    The rich royal blue siding has an immense visual presence, taking on a sophisticated, polished feel against the crisp black accents. This unexpected blue-and-black pairing pays off beautifully if executed well, creating a unique sense of balance on the home’s exterior.

    Royal blue has an elegant, refined quality, and using it as the primary exterior color makes a home feel luxe and elevated when it’s paired with black highlights. For design-savvy homeowners, this bold blue exterior can make a home stand out on any street.

    If you’re interested in other bold color choices for your home, check out our guide on red house trim design ideas.

    So, Are Blue Homes With Black Trim a Good Idea?

    Blue homes with black trim can be a gorgeous, creative choice with the right tones and execution. For many homeowners, though, the bold pairing may be too dramatic or overwhelming. The combo is ideal for contemporary homes where the unexpected colors enhance the sleek lines of the architecture. 

    Those seeking a more subtle, neutral exterior may want to steer clear. But for design enthusiasts wanting to make a unique, artistic statement, blue houses with black trim can make for eye-catching magic.

    For more information on bold home designs, check out our guide on home exterior ideas.

    FAQs About Blue Homes With Black Trim

    What are the most important factors when choosing blue and black exterior colors?

    Some important factors are finding complementary blue and black undertones, opting for desaturated rather than neon-bright shades, and using the colors strategically to highlight architectural details. When in doubt, consult a color specialist to identify the best pairing.

    What architectural styles work best for blue and black exterior schemes?

    Modern, contemporary, mid-century modern, and craftsman-style homes tend to suit creative blue and black exteriors. More traditional home styles, like colonials, may struggle to pull off the bold look cohesively, although there are exceptions.

    Are there ways to test out a blue and black exterior before fully committing?

    Photoshopping your home with potential colors can help you visualize it. You can also test swatches on the home’s exterior and view them at different times of day to get a good sense of how the colors will look. Additionally, painting accents like the front door can be a low-commitment way to try any color combo.

    What colors complement blue and black exterior color schemes?

    Grays, whites, and lighter blues tend to complement blue and black exterior color schemes. Dark wood tones like ebony can also accent blue and black nicely. For multicolor designs, cognac brown and beige pair well with the right blue and black tones.

    How can a blue and black exterior feel bright and welcoming rather than dark and imposing?

    Using lighter pastel or sky blue shades rather than dark blue can help make your home feel more welcoming. White or gray rather than black trim also helps soften the look, while painting the front door a more cheerful color provides a joyful contrast. Additionally, ample landscaping and warm night lighting help prevent a dark, imposing feel.

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