Unless it’s light in shade, houses that are painted blue are not a common occurrence. Let alone the combination blue and black. Blue and black can be quite an unconventional pair, especially in architecture. Don’t get me wrong, the combination works well in other applications such as graphic design, fashion, and interior design. For architecture? It depends. 

We have curated a list of seven blue homes with black trim that actually work. From farmhouses, to classic townhouses to mid-century modern home designs, this combination apparently works surprisingly well.  

1. A Dreamy Cobalt Blue Townhouse

source: unsplash.com 

An old brick townhouse has been transformed into a cobalt blue dream: Masonry plastering painted in a rich shade of cobalt blue paint, possessing a monochromatic facade that creates an interesting eye candy to passers by. 

Although it seems unconventional, It’s an interesting example of what appears to be an eclectic take on classic brick apartments. By providing a paint job in a deep and rich shade of cobalt blue, the structure stands out from the neighborhood. 

2. A Modern Cottage Inspired home in Pastel Blue

source: pixabay.com 

This Cottage inspired modern home features an accent shiplap wall painted in pastel blue. Further accentuated with charcoal colored mullions that stand out from the pastel-colored facade. 

We love how the brick wall and asphalt shingles provide an interesting contrast to the overall look and feel of this house. The warm shades of color provide a homey feel to the structure. The way the powder blue complements the roof and the walls are just magical. Thanks to the color scheme, this home definitely gives off a lot of coastal home vibes, with the absence of an outdoor wrap around porch.

3. Mid-Century Modern Home in Navy Blue

source: thehousedesigners.com 

This simple mid century modern home is given a contemporary look through a navy blue coat of paint. Apparently, blue and black work not only in fashion, but also in architecture. 

While most mid-century modern homes play a lot in the warmer spectrum of the color wheel, this classic mid-century modern home is given a new life through paint that leans towards the cooler side of the color spectrum. It’s interesting how the hues of blue and black provide the design with a distinct characteristic that is both cool and modern. 

4. A Black and Blue Bungalow

source: sherwin-williams.com

Yet another example of a blue and black combo, this bungalow definitely stands out from the neighborhood. Its unconventional color pairing packs a lot of individuality. The entire color scheme leans towards desaturated shades– creating a dark and seemingly monochromatic facade, brought to life through black trim that stands out. 

5. An Unconventional Colonial Home in Sky Blue

source: sherwin-williams.com

A classic Colonial-style facade is given a different life through an eccentric baby blue paint job, coupled with some charcoal black trim. We definitely love the updated asphalt shingles in cool gray, which complements the baby blue walls. The color scheme creates a cool, modern look to this otherwise classic home design. We love how the entire combination works out, breaking the stereotypical classic colonial-style facade, into something that’s hip and modern.

6. A Show-Stopping Aquamarine and Black Color Combination in a Home

source: sherwin-williams.com

This color combination of black and aquamarine may not appeal to everyone, but it will definitely make your head turn. It packs a lot of character and individuality for those who admire this unusual color combination. The black roof and trim frames the house interestingly. Surely, this unusual combination is definitely a show-stopper. 

7. An Interesting Mix of Royal Blue and Black

source: sherwin-williams.com

Apparently, This color combination does not only work with fashion; It also works in architecture. A color scheme that gives off major “big blue house” vibes, this blue house isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of courage and work to pull off this unconventional color scheme. 

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