Beach houses make for stunning main residences and relaxing vacation homes to enjoy with loved ones. When it comes to exterior design, homeowners lucky enough to live along the coast must carefully choose what materials they decide to use.

The reason for this being beach houses are exposed to fairly harsh elements, like strong winds combined with salt air. By selecting a durable, long-lasting material like modified wood, there are few limits as to how you can remodel your home.

There are a number of ways homeowners can revamp the exterior of their home and give it new life. Here are 5 inspiring beach houses that feature popular trends.

5 Inspiring Beach House Exterior Design Ideas

1. Modified Wood Cladding Ages Like Driftwood

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If your home is looking aged or you’re fed up with caring for your current high-maintenance siding, now is the time to clad your home in something new.

Modified wood siding allows beach house owners to get the look of wood, without the disadvantages of standard lumber. Unlike cedar or tropical hardwoods that will need to have surface treatments reapplied every few years, modified wood does not.

An aesthetic advantage of modified wood is how it naturally ages. Similarly to how driftwood on the beach develops an attractive silver-grey patina, modified wood ages the same way – without losing durability and moisture-resistance.

A beach house clad in modified wood will eventually lighten to a natural shade that blends in perfectly with sandy or rocky beaches.

2. Create A Private Tropical Poolside Oasis

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Even if your beach house is situated alongside a public or private beach or some other swimming area, sometimes privacy is important. Homeowners that have a pool can easily create their own little tropical oasis by adding decking and a covered lounge.

This backyard is absolutely lush looking and the use of wood only adds to the tropical theme. Surrounding the pool and hot tub is modified wood planking. Modified wood is highly moisture-resistant, non-slippery, and comfortable for bare feet, making it a great choice of pool decking. 

The addition of a covered pergola with a thatched roof adds a tiki bar vibe without seeming over the top or childish.

3. Get Heightened Coastal Views With A Rooftop Garden

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Homeowners that don’t have a clear view of the coast or don’t have any available space around their home for a deck can have a rooftop deck built instead. Rooftop decks aren’t as difficult to build as you may think and give you an elevated view of the surrounding coastline.

Since a rooftop deck is nearly always exposed to direct heat and sun, it’s important to pick a material that can withstand the elements. This rooftop garden has modified wood as its floor. The addition of plants, modern furniture, and an overhead pergola are the perfect finishing touches.

4. Folding Doors Expand Entertaining Space And Views

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Updating your front door is a tried and true way of renovating a home, but if you want to make an even bigger impact consider installing a large folding door in place of a wall or sliding glass door.

Folding glass doors offer clearer views of the coast and the surrounding landscape, more than a sliding glass door or windows. They also are far more versatile and ideal for homeowners that regularly entertain guests. These doors fold up out of the way and allow a seamless transition from indoor to out.

You’ll also notice that this home is clad in vertical modified wood. Modified wood may also be used for framing all types of windows and doors.

5. An Elevated Terrace With Divided Zones

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An elevated deck allows homeowners with houses on a cliffside to still have ample space for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. Another benefit is that even if an elevated deck doesn’t actually go over the water, the height gives the illusion of being above the water when you’re on the deck.

This elevated deck is quite large and an unusual shape, rather than being a simple rectangle. This shape allows the homeowner to get maximum deck space possible and also makes it easy to divide the deck into different zones. Having a few different seating areas, a grilling spot, and a covered lounge lets guests and family members all enjoy the outdoors while still having some privacy. 

Modified wood is a beautiful material that blends perfectly with beach houses – whether tropical or temperate in nature. Coastal regions are often quite harsh due to a combination of sun, wind, and salt air or light ocean spray. It’s important that homeowners select superior materials for their siding and decking to get the most value and enjoyment.

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