Barndominiums have become a popular option for those who want to build their dream home. They are especially desired by those that want home to also be the place where they work. 

It is a popular choice for those who want a low-cost, easily customizable forever home.

People looking for affordable and multi-functional living spaces that can be used as workshops or homes are choosing these pre-engineered steel buildings that combine living area with other types of spaces.

The barndo trend has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years and is expected to keep growing. This modernized version of a rural industrial structure offers a glimpse into the future design and construction industry. 

How can you customize your own barndo — give it a little flair? 

Here are 9 ways you can turn your barndominium into your dream home!

Think About the Siding

To keep them affordable and durable, most barndominiums are made of metal sheets. Steel barndominiums are more cost-effective than wood homes. They require less maintenance and can be maintained for a longer time.

But not everyone loves the modern, sleek look of metal. Some people prefer a more rustic or classic look and will pay a little more to get it. 

If this is you, you can create a feature wall or add color to your Barndominium, by using 2×4’s and 2×6’s. These can be finished however you desire — painted, stained, or left in the natural wood design.

Consider Woodgrain Steel

A feature wall made of 2×4 or 2×6 is sufficient to satisfy some people’s tastes. Others prefer a fully wooden appearance. For those, it might be better to build a house than a feature wall. 

Woodgrain steel may be your best option if you want to preserve affordability and durability while still achieving your desired aesthetic.

Woodgrain prints combine the warmth of wood with the durability of metal. Metal can withstand fire, rot, termite, and abrasions. A metal structure is also easier to build than a wooden one, especially with a barndo kit.

The Roof is Everything

The roof of your home is a critical component of its design. It not only protects you from the weather, but it is also the most visible part of your home. 

The roof is where the eyes go when people first pull up to your home, and it can add beauty and value to the building.

There are many barndominium roof options, including a shed roof, gambrel roof, or monitor roof. Currently, the most popular is gambrel roofing. Each style adds charm, whether it is a return to the barn rood look or a sleeker and more modern look like shed roofing.

Stone Wainscot Accents

Stone wainscot can be used to enhance your barndo like adding 2×4 or 2×6 sidings. The contrast in texture, color, and pattern creates an exciting exterior that lifts even the most basic design.

Stone veneer siding can be a cost-effective way to achieve this look if you have some budget constraints. Although natural stone can be more costly, it is less likely to leak or suffer moisture issues.

Porches for Dimension

Porches are a great way to give your barndominium an updated look and feel. This update is especially beneficial for those who have a rectangular structure to begin with and want to add dimension.

A small, cozy porch can provide a comfortable outdoor space while enhancing the house’s exterior.  Plus, potted plants can be added to give it an even homier feel. 

Or you can go all out with an open and spacious patio, creating a great place to relax and for the family to connect. 

Add an Exterior Accent with Doors

If someone visits your home, before they are greeted by you, they will face the door. A beautiful one is a great way to make your barndominium stand out.

There are many options, whether you want to be modern, quirky, or traditional. If you want a modern look, plank doors are the best option, especially horizontal planks. 

Wooden sliding doors look great in a rustic setting, while bifold glass doors add a modern twist, and these are just a few of the styles available! The sky really is the limit when it comes to front door design.

Get Fancy with a Deck or Outdoor Kitchen

A deck with an outdoor space for entertaining is an excellent addition to any home. People who want to expand their backyards tend to choose a deck with a swimming pool or an outdoor kitchen. 

While an outdoor kitchen or a pool have many benefits, not everyone may want to jump straight into this decision — mainly because they are expensive. 

A simple deck can be a great way to start if you don’t plan on living in your barndo for the long term or don’t have the budget for something more extravagant. With a few chairs, tables, and decor, this simple addition can visually add much more to your home.

Unique Landscaping will Elevate the Space

Landscaping can be a simple yet effective way of bringing life to an outdoor space. A fact that is particularly true for barndominiums since they can often have a natural theme or design.

A lush garden, tall trees, and various flowers can give your home an open, airy, farmhouse feeling. Plus, you can reap the benefits of your efforts for many years by adding a few low-maintenance fruit trees like peach, plum, and pear trees.

Add a Chimney

Chimneys are great for keeping warm inside with a fire and adding a unique touch to a home. A chimney will add an additional feature to the exterior of your barndo, giving it more dimension and depth as well. 

It is also a great place to add a contrasting texture and more flair to your home. Chimneys can be the perfect option for combining beauty and function.

A Barndominium is Much More Affordable than a House

A barndominium is often less expensive than a traditional house when it comes to costs. (It costs between $180,000 and $360,000 on average to build one.) Plus, it is easy to construct and saves money on labor.

A barndo kit’s cost can range from $5,000 to $70,000, depending on what style and size you choose. The roof, beams, and walls are included in the kit. It all depends on the design, style, and fixtures. Some barndominiums can be simple, while others have more luxurious additions like pools or wrap-around patios.

These cool exterior ideas will help you add charm to your home and make it the barndominium that you’ve always wanted.

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