For centuries, wood has been a staple in many homes. From the construction to items inside the home, wood has a variety of uses. Older structures that are made from wood can be reused in a new way, once the original purpose is over.

Today, reclaimed wood is commonly used for decorative components, furniture, and more. Instead of watching wood go to the landfill, designers are creating new and exciting ways to use old materials. Below are a few examples of how reclaimed wood can be used in your home.

1. Mantels

One of the most popular ways to use reclaimed wood is to create a rustic fireplace mantel. Large pieces of wood can be cut down and set in a box shape to create the mantel or one continuous piece of wood can create a massive showpiece within your fireplace. The wood can be kept in its natural state or stained to achieve the rustic look you are going for.

2. Distressed Flooring

Surprisingly, reclaimed wood is being repurposed to create flooring for the home. Older pieces of reclaimed wood can be milled and then custom sized for your project. The distressed flooring will have character and interest, a look that cannot be matched with newer materials.

The flooring can be cut into planks to show off the old material, with the patina and marks of use clearly visible. Choose to go with an unfinished type for a distressed look or prefinished like white oak flooring. With reclaimed wood, you can create a custom floor so your home will truly be unique.

3. Reclaimed Wood Shelves

For a simple and less expensive way to add reclaimed wood to your home, consider shelving. Reclaimed wood pieces can easily be cut down to make shelving for any room. The wood shelf will be constructed from recycled wood and bring character to your space. Choose brackets to add to the design, opting for a pewter metal or iron for a rustic look.

Shelving can be cut to size, providing you with smaller options or larger shelving depending on the use and space available. This is a great way to add some texture to your home as well as more storage space.

4. Wood Beams

Any room that has vaulted ceilings or a blank space can benefit from faux wood beams. This is another common way that reclaimed wood is being used in the home. Wood can be cut to size to create a solid beam or several pieces can be put together to create a box beam.

With a box beam, two, three or four pieces of reclaimed wood are fit together to create the beam. This type of installation works well to hide cables or defects in the ceiling. The beam will also add character and interest to your home.

5. Rustic Kitchen Countertops

Reclaimed wood can be used for both counter and bar tops. What better way to give your kitchen a rustic feel than with rustic countertops! Consider mixing it up and creating your farmhouse inspired kitchen with a wood accent most people don’t even think about. Rustic kitchen countertops will instantly add texture to your space.

If you don’t want your entire kitchen to feature rustic countertops, then use reclaimed wood for your island to achieve a good mix of materials.

Add Reclaimed Wood Accents to Your Home

These are just a few ways that reclaimed wood can be used. If you like the look of reclaimed wood, start small. Add in a few shelves and once you see how great the material looks in your home, you will be ready to use the option in other ways!

For more information on everything you need to know about reclaimed wood, check out the infographic below!

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