Convenient Central Vacuum System Installed at the Kuppersmith Project

When you take on an extensive renovation, like the one I just completed on the Kuppersmith Project house, you’re able to add a lot of useful amenities that will make it more convenient for the family that lives here. One of the amenities I installed, which will really make a difference, is a central vacuum system from NuTone.

A central vac system exhausts the air it draws in from the house, rather than recirculating it like most vacuum cleaners. Also, since this is a two-story house, the homeowners won’t have to haul a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. Instead, there’s a hose upstairs and one downstairs, which makes vacuuming very convenient.

To empty the canister on the central vacuum system, you just unclip it from the unit and dump it right in the garbage can. It’s all about convenience, and keeping your house clean!

Watch this video to find out more.


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