Clearing Off the Kuppersmith Project Lot

I’m here in the yard of the Kuppersmith Project house where we’re in the process of clearing off the last of the vegetation and debris. After we used a backhoe to remove the old garage, I decided to go ahead and completely clear off the lot around the house so we could start from scratch on the landscaping.

If you saw the earlier videos of the outside of the Kuppersmith house, you know that the yard was completely overgrown with everything from bamboo to camellias. Clearing the lot off will allow us to grade and slope the ground so the water will run off properly when it rains and not pool around the foundation of the house.

We’re using the claw on the backhoe to load all the debris into dump trucks to haul it away, which is the only practical way to handle a job of this size. Once the lot has been cleared and the ground smoothed out, we’ll spread hay to keep any dirt from washing off into the street during the next big rain.

As you can see, the Kuppersmith project is well on its way, both inside and out!


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